Monday, 21 November 2011

And therein lies the problem with our 'democracy'

Richard North, EU Referendum, posts on the shortcomings of opinion polls and what he calls 'The Boy Dave', from which.
"More likely, then, the poll results reflect not so much the fruits of any principled choice as tribal loyalties and a more general indifference to the charms of the candidates."
That 'tribal loyalties' and 'a more general indifference to the charms of the candidates' lies with our present system of democracy; the failure of our MSM to perform their task of being an 'information and investigative service'; that the Lib/Lab/Con all wish to 'occupy the centre ground' and thus be 'all things to all men'; that our political party system is in the control of a party's leader who can control his colleagues;that Ukip, who are the only 'viable alternative' cannot 'get their act together'; are probably the main reasons why our present democracy isn't, to coin a phrase, worth the paper on which it is written.

Do not, dear reader, presume that the foregoing paragraph is intended as a criticism of Richard North's views - far from it. He highlights exactly that which is wrong, presently, with our political system - namely that 'democracy' has been hijacked by the political class who have usurped more and more areas of competence which are none of their concern - due to their need for 'central control', not of the 'levers of power', but 'central control' of people. After all what good is central control of lawmaking without control of a compliant people, ones who will accept, without question, restraints imposed on them and their liberty?

Where is the party that would stand on a manifesto of 'less government is good government'? Do turkeys vote for Christmas? I accept that the words 'heads', brick walls' and 'banging' are relevant, but there is a 'better way' for democracy in this country

For those asking: "That is?" - patience, until the end of the week..............

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