Monday, 21 November 2011

Ah, but what exactly is 'democracy'?

He who writes the rules of 'democracy'?

Sir Norman Tebbit opines, on the subject of the views of another 'Sir', the spelling of which word - with regard to 'major' usage - should possibly revert to 'cur':
"It seems that he has told Al Jazeera TV that the growing integration of the eurozone countries threatens democracy."
Much as I admire 'Stormin' Norman', he too seems wedded to the present idea of 'democratised dictatorship', but then I suppose that belief is a 'political thing'.

If we accept that the word 'democracy' comes from the Greek 'demos' and 'kratos' then if you take the ‘demos’ out of democracy, you are left only with the ‘kratos’, with the power of a system that must compel by law what it dare not ask in the name of civic patriotism.

There is only one form of true democracy; and that is practised by Switzerland - of which more later in the week about how it could be introduced into this country!

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