Sunday, 27 November 2011

Oh well, there is always the taxpayer........

Playing 'catch-up' with news - and the stories fed to us as news - I came across three in the Daily Telegraph which immediately caught my attention:

Of course, with 'the better way' the two proposals and the salary could have been challenged at the outset and 'killed off' - as could Cameron, Clegg, MilibandE and about 600+ other idiots, along with a horde of local government 'dictators', quangocrats, heads of fake charities; and other individuals who are a blight on the human race (and in that last group guess Huhne I'm thinking of).

You know it makes sense - don't you?


john in cheshire said...

What would be refreshing would be an announcement that there will be a 10 year moratorium on new legislation. And, that 10 years would be used by our elected servants to evaluate all the existing legislation with a view to repeal it; the default position being, if it can't be justified, it ceases to be law. Now, that would be truly revolutionary.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jicL Methinks you missed the post to which I linked..........?