Friday, 11 November 2011

Clegg? Clegg?? - Nooooo

Norman Tebbit posts on his belief that we should keep our eyes on Clegg as our Masters Muscles from Brussels would love to install him as our PM as he reckons that Heseltine is past his sell-by-date due to the fact that having muffed his chance to topple the Maggietollah, his extraordinary declaration that he still believes we should join the euro, his commitment not just to European political union, but to global governance, has removed him from the field of political rationality*. Digressing, one does wonder whether there exists within Cameron and Clegg's 'Granita' style stitch-up on forming the Coalition a clause on succession in the event that 'something' should happen to Cameron, bearing in mind Clegg is Deputy Prime Minister?

There are those amongst us, with a social conscience, who believe that members of our society who, as a result of a psychological disorder, require routine assistance, treatment, or a specialised and controlled environment and that when the people take over our politicians, who most definitely suffer from a  should be committed thereto. That there are those who believe politicians should be allowed to retire to such a life of luxury yet again demonstrates the nadir to which societal thought has sunk and for one nano-second I nearly succumbed to that belief - then economic reality set in and I realized that hemp and lamp posts saved the public purse much unnecessary expenditure.

* One does have to question whether Sir Norman committed a grammatical typo there, since when did 'rationality' ever become part of the political psyche?


graham wood said...

has removed....from the field of political rationality.

If I may say so, a lovely turn of phrase. I have put it by for future use! Presumably there is no copyright?

john in cheshire said...

With the politicians we are cursed with in our country, I could be persuaded of the merits of eugenics.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

gw: No copyright that I know of..... :)

jic: Carry on...... !