Monday, 7 November 2011

There's always one!

Only an idiot could have written this and of Korski is, or has relatives working within quangocracies or fake charities. One can only presume that something is put in the coffee in this particular house! Either that or the private sector is beginning to adopt a common purpose.

The comments are most illuminating.........


Goodnight Vienna said...

"Daniel Korski joined the European Council on Foreign Relations as a Senior Policy Fellow in October 2007 and from 2011 has run the Middle East Programme.

Prior to that Daniel was a British official, working in a range of postings both abroad and in the UK. Through 2010, he worked as a Defence and Security Adviser in the Department for International Development (DfiD). Previously, he went on secondment to the US State Department, working as a Senior Adviser to the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization; and he spent the first quarter of 2007 in Basra in southern Iraq as Head of the UK/US Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT)."

That's why everyone was so surprised when he was taken on by the Speccie. He's another one who's bought and sold.

PeterCharles said...

Yes, another Europhile idiot already planning for an EU mark 2 if this one goes down the swanee. Only this time it should encompass Turkey and North Africa, as if that wasn't the plan for the current EU.

Western politicians are obsessed with global government, just review what prat Cameron was lecturing the G20 about, if we can't get the EU to take this bit of decision-making over we should get the UN to do it.

You can just see the way these people think, global finance and the global market have been such a marvellous success we must go for global government as well.

Ian said...

According to Wikipedia, Korski's European Council on Foreign Relations is full of federasts.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

GV: Thanks for doing the homework I should have done. As you and I know from my later post events have moved on a tad.

PC: Well we know what they can do with that lot........!

I: Which is why Korski is where he is?