Saturday, 12 November 2011

Democracy being sacrificed?

The lead editorial in today's Daily Telegraph immediately calls into question whether the writer actually possess any brain cells whatsoever - it is headlined: "Democracy is being sacrificed in Europe". Was not democracy sacrificed when the United Kingdom ceded governance to the European Union and its forerunners? Was not democracy sacrificed whereby the original referendum on the EEC was 'rigged'? Was not democracy sacrificed when all political parties in the UK promised to hold a referendum and then reneged on those promises? Was not democracy sacrificed when van Rompuy and Ashton were appointed - not elected? Was democracy not sacrificed when van Rompuy declared, talking about Italy, that what that country needed was reform, not elections? Was not democracy sacrificed when two elected Heads of State were removed by a cabal who were not elected by either state?

Daniel Hannan posts, asking the question who speaks for the majority in Europe and informing us of a meeting of the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists, of which he is Secretary-General. He ends his post:
"Who, then, speaks for the millions who reject the loans-for-austerity racket? Who speaks for those who must watch their future being sold in order to sustain the euro? Who speaks for the over-taxed, the taken-for-granted, the lied-to, the ripped-off, the ignored? We do, my friends. We do."
Setting to one side that the title of Secretary-General would seem to have 'Politburo' connotations, the most obvious question to raise is who asked Daniel Hannan to speak for us when we are quite capable of speaking for ourselves? The fact that we have yet to be consulted - and consequently have not yet spoken - should be noted by Hannan and his political cronies, because when we do eventually speak he may well not like that which he hears!


PeterCharles said...

In this instance judging by the clip below I would say it is Nigel Farage, not Hannan and his association.

Ed P said...

Hannan is one of the few good guys. He speaks several Euro languages, so knows what's going on better than those relying on a (mis) translation. Unlike the pathetic Cameron, he is working towards a free Britain, just like Farage.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC & EP: Farage & Hannan may well be working to free us from the EU and yes, good for them, but when it comes to having a situation whereby a group of politicians can act as dictators for five year terms then no thanks!

The people will never have true democracy until such time as a participatory form of democracy is adopted!

thespecialone said...

Democracy? I think I remember that as a 51 yr old! Remind me what it was about though please.

I understand what you are saying about Hannan and Farage WfW but at least they are willing to speak against the likes of Ashton and von Rompuy.

Also, there are swathes and swathes of people in the UK who either:

1. Couldn't care less - wonder who will get voted off X Factor this weekend.

2. Care a little bit but will vote for Lib/Lab/CON at the next elections.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

tso: Understand your point, however I will not accept one set of politicians imposing a new set of regulations on me, whether the new are elected or not.

Who are they to dictate to those that pay them what we can or cannot do/have? They are the 'managers' if the safety of our nation, no more no less and what we wish to do within that nation is our choice, not theirs.

Anonymous said...

I believe the mood is changing but so slowly.
I caught Matt Paris [Times hack ex Tory MP] on Sky, he said in no uncertain terms, referring to the Tory euro-sceptic wing of the party, then corrected himself and called them europhobic - nice one.
Then Moore makes a good and necessary point in the DT [12.11.11] it is time for left and right to unite in their hatred of the EU, if that were to happen, the the Westminster strangle hold could be smashed.
BUT, as you say, O great witterings one - the Westminster model needs dismantling - we need a new model and a different representation - one that is current and one that enables constituents to retain the final 'chop' on what an MP is to vote on.

cosmic said...

We are where we are and we have nothing like the sort of consultative political system many of us would like. At least Hannan draws attention to some important things.

The danger I see in him is luring people into believing that because his views on many things are sound, this is reason for swallowing the Tory Europlastic line.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Anon: O great witterings one....?

The point is until we can get a better system of democracy we are, bluntly, stuffed. Either a party (Ukip?) adopts the idea or a new one needs to be formed. Or we rebel!

c: Your last paragraph is the important one..... I still doubt Hannan cause if you read the Plan it is just the status quo.......