Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Ask? Ask??

During Deputy Prime Minister's Questions the following took place on the subject of party political funding:
"7. Karl McCartney (Lincoln) (Con): What plans he has to reform the funding of political parties. [80662]
The Deputy Prime Minister (Mr Nick Clegg): I consider reform of party funding to be very important in and of itself, and we made a clear commitment to it in the coalition agreement. I look forward to the contribution of the Committee on Standards in Public Life to the debate when it publishes its report shortly. It is immensely important for us to clear this up, because it has affected all political parties negatively, but it would not be right to ask our hard-pressed taxpayers to pay more to political parties at a time when they are having to deal with so many cuts and savings elsewhere. I should like to proceed with as much cross-party consensus as possible, and I am keen to work towards that aim, but I repeat that no one should doubt the determination of this coalition Government to deliver reform in this area." (Emphasis mine)
Since when have politicians asked the British public what they think on anything? Were we consulted on how to reform politician's expenses? Were we consulted on how the recall of errant MPs was to be drafted? Were we consulted on whether this country should remain a member of the European Union? Were we consulted on how devolution of power in the Localism Bill would be drafted? Were we consulted on whether to interfere with matters in Libya, Iraq or Afghanistan? Were we consulted when the doors to this country were thrown open to all and sundry, resulting in our society being changed? In fact when were we consulted on anything?

When will people realise that what in effect presently happens is we agree to be 'ruled' by one band of incompetents or another for 5 years during which time any Act of Parliament can be passed. We have no way of halting any proposed legislation, anymore than we have of halting a directive from the EU. Therein lies one of the greatest deficits in the present system of 'democracy' practised in this country and if we desire to remain a 'democracy' then the present 'dictatorial rule' must be changed to give back control to the people.

Of course there is another aspect to this 'dictatorial rule' and that is the 'cancer' within the body of the UK, epitomised by those with a 'common purpose' of increasing federalism and control of the people, one that is becoming more and more pervasive within politics, the quangocracy, 'charities' and the like. It is for that reason that the Albion Alliance have announced their new initiative, one intended to show to the public just what is happening to their country - and to name and shame those responsible.


Ian said...

And on top of everything else, you'll soon only be able to stand for parliament as a sell-out politician if you're a single parent one-legged black jihadi transexual on crack, after which you'll be able to claim MP's expenses for that plasma TV which you looted.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Ian: They're determined to continue with the total destruction of our society and diversity in politics is one of the steps.