Friday, 11 November 2011

Walking on water

It would appear Cameron intends emulating someone of far greater talent than he posses where achieving the impossible is concerned.

From this report in the Guardian we learn that he will have plans drawn up to mitigate the effects of the euro falling apart and from Politics Home that he is 'focussed on the UK'. Again from the Guardian we learn that he intends only making 'moderate demands' in return for Treaty change. On Conservative Home we find Andrea Leadsom informing us that work has begun on how powers might be repatriated from the European Union.

Of course, had Cameron and his predecessors not continued the practise of making us dependent on trade with a group of countries whose currency is about to go down the pan and instead built up trade with the rest of the world he might not have found himself in this position - but I digress.

The second Guardian article, if correct and there is no reason to suspect otherwise, shows that his much vaunted repatriation of powers is to be 'watered down' (and we won't mention anything about telling the enemy that you concede before the fight has begun). This is either due to pressure from his minion Clegg or the realization that, as some have explained, it cannot be achieved. Were he to gain his 'objectives' no doubt it would then not qualify as treaty change thus not warranting a referendum and would be hailed by him as a success.

The article by Andrea Leadsom is purile in content and the comments express the distrust and disbelief of what she hopes to accomplish coupled with which, bearing in mind the Guardian article, she and her group are wasting their time. 

As for Cameron being focussed on the UK, one has to ask should not that be his prime concern all the time he is in office? That we have now a prime minister who, on 12th May 2010, copied the actions of Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonssøn is plain for all to see - the only difference being that this time it was on behalf of the Fourth Reich.

With politicians deciding the fate of this country incorporating their refusal to give voice to the people it is becoming clearer by the day that it is almost impossible to overthrow the present 'cabal' by democratic means - which only leaves one option!


Dave H said...

I could give him a list, starting with (in no particular order)

1. No financial tax on the city unless it's agreed and enforced world-wide
2. Benefits and pensions only to those who've worked here for a qualifying period unless we can claim back the amount from somewhere else in the EU
3. Ditch the EU arrest warrant because legal systems are not all up to scratch.
4. UK budget contributions to the EU will be raised or lowered in line with general UK government domestic spending.
5. Revise the fisheries and agriculture policies to something less wasteful and less detrimental to UK interests.
6. A UK opt-out from the EU's proposed aviation emissions tax unless it's agreed and implemented world-wide.

There are more, but I'm sure that'll keep him busy to start with. Before he signs anything he then needs to consult the British people to see if we think he's got enough before he can then agree to any treaty changes, given the past performance of our elected representatives in this regard.

PeterCharles said...

More to the point, Germany and the Frankfurt group have been making plans for a potential Euro failure. Note I put it that way, Germany and the Frankfurt group, deliberately. It would seem from informed sources that Germany has TWO post Euro plans, one that is incorporated into the Frankfurt group plan and one that is solely in German interests should they deem it necessary and includes kicking France in the goolies and running off quickly. At least that should pull the plug on the whole thing.

Even the MSM is coming around to admitting the Euro is toast so even a blinkered moron like Cameron must realise there needs to be a Plan B, although everything he has done to date suggests that all his plans come from the 'We'll think of something at the time' stable.

As I intimated in a previous comment, at least I think I did, I am coming to the conclusion that Cameron and the New Social Democratic Conservatives (and Blair before him) are really One World Government true believers and really see the EU as a benign, 'though occasionally irritating, staging post on that road to a post democratic UN Utopia.

As far as the EU is concerned I don't think they have any interest in UK opinion at all. We have about the same influence as a vicar in a brothel and that only because we are a net contributor.

cosmic said...

I really don't believe that Cameron does believe in the EU or the New World Order except in so far as getting himself disapproved of in international circles would interfere with getting a job with suitable status when this PM thing runs out.

He is completely shallow and is fixed on being called PM for as long as possible. He doesn't want to do anything but remain in the saddle and have as easy a life as possible.

The Europe thing is very complicated and quite bothersome (division in the party and all that) and addressing the issues likely to be uncomfortable.

There's a way of not addressing the issues by pretending to be addressing the issues or about to address the issues and it's worked pretty well. It seems reasonable to press for reform and you don't actually have to get round to doing anything about it. It's important you don't because it's clearly impossible. Leaving the EU is a step in the dark and very unpopular with all sorts of important people. Not many people think about these things and they tend to be tedious nitpicking types, best described as swivel eyed loons.

Conservative policy for years has been to go along with the EU, pretending that they are not to con their Eurosceptic supporters.

Quite a lot of Eurosceptics around these days and they're becoming noisy. Throw them a bigger bone with this Andrea Leadsom nonsense, they like that sort of thing or at least it helps shut them up. It doesn't have to come out with anything, at least not soon, it simply has to get lost in the minutiae of what might be done without addressing the question of whether it's possible or when it starts. It's actually a way of avoiding the question of whether it's possible or not.

The problem is that the way things are turning out, this jolly wheeze view of policy on the EU will be shown up by events and be to the gross disadvantage of the UK.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

DH: I would disagree with your list in that I want the damn lot repatriated to the extent that no-one other than the people of this land decide our future and our laws. Please refer to my posts on a participatory democracy.

PC & c; Agree with both if you!