Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Children in Care

We all know that politicians love nothing better than a passing bandwagon on which to jump, but David Cameron's latest attempt takes the proverbial biscuit! Announcing yet another 'pledge' he intends to tackle the adoption system's problems with a number of reforms.What with 'pledges' and 'crackdowns' it is a wonder that politicians have time for anything else - but I digress.

Christopher Booker has written reams of articles, mainly in his Sunday Telegraph columns, about the draconian and dictatorial attitudes of childrens services taking children into care on what appears to be 'spurious' reasons, often coupled with judiciary complicity. I have previously written on this subject, linking to the articles by Booker, here, here, here and here

If Cameron wishes to garner votes he might better spend his time looking at those families that have been torn apart by childrens social services - and in so doing tackling another subject that is a 'crime that dare not speak its name'. That MPs have not thought this a subject of concern, unlike their expenses and the rapidity of repayment, shows where their priorities lie!

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Ian said...

Cameron views adoptions in the same way as Blair did. Under Labour, stiff central government targets were imposed on top of local authorities' existing informal targets - which were unrealistically high already.

Think barren middle England (or "centre ground") families. Such voters are fought over at election time, and moreover have better political connections than do working class families - from whom adoptees are harvested.

Doing such families a favour in return for votes was already important at county level. Blair realised that an extra few votes could be helpful at general election time too.

The heir to Blair has exactly the same ruthless attitude toward children and their natural families as his mentor.

graham wood said...

But then of course the poor man has other urgent policies he has pledged to bring us - like re-defining the concept of marriage to include 'same sex' marriage - "because I am a Conservative", he said in his conference speech.
What a massive irrelevance and waste of parliamentary time. He has already frittered away much unecessary parliamentary time (for which we pay ) on arcane discussion of "Civil Partnerships in churches" - i.e.
the idea of forcing Christian churches to accomodate "gay" ceremonies using THEIR (Christian) premises.
Why cannot the "gays" organise their own "marriages"/services, and hire their own premises, and clergy etc like all other organisations (sects) are obliged to do.
What a complete buffoon and fraud Cameron is when there are so many real needs and priorities to consider. Bu then I suppose in these hard days, one has to grovel hard for every vote one can get.

IanPJ said...

UN Agenda 21. I need say no more.


WitteringsfromWitney said...

Ian & gw: My thanks for your comments and agree.

IanPJ: I knew I could rely on you to come up with the 'nitty-gritty' and thanks for all those links, which I have bookmarked.