Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Oh Heavens! More Orwell

It has often been said of our politicians that it is about time they realized that George Orwell's work '1984' was just that, fiction - and not a damn instruction manual.

Politics Home reports that Theresa May, Home 'Secs' of State, is of the opinion that more intervention in people's lives is necessary and should be mandatory, enforced with a long-term programme.

Of course if Theresa May and her party really believed in devolution of power, thus leaving matters such as education, school discipline, law & order, to local communities, the problem would have been 'done and dusted' by now - she would not then need to worry her (I was going to use the word 'pretty') little head with such mundane matters - nor waste reams of public money.

Unlike the current head of the 'Animal Farm', who seems unable to accept his sheep have no more wool to give, one would have thought that at least the shepherdess would be aware that the flock are close to the point where they are not prepared to be 'rammed' anymore?

Just saying..........


TomTom said...

T May is the daughter of a C of E Vicar and no doubt thinks she is now anointed to tell the proles what to do.

These politicians are personally so inept and deceitful in their private lives they feel they must project their own inadequacies onto the general public.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: Could not agree more with your final remark!

If my mother's lifespan is any indication, I should have another 30 years in which to see them get their comeuppance!