Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Thomas Sowell

I have posted on this man previously and, unashamed, I "nick" a further video of this man's words from Richard North, EU Referendum. (If you have not seen the first video, do please watch)

"Their insulated lives on college campuses was followed by insulated lives on government payrolls..." 

Where politicians and bureaucrats are concerned, those that have never had a 'proper' job but have PPE degrees - at which point they become 'interns' to those who believe in 'social engineering' and political dogma - then 'graduate' to the political 'gravy-train' can only result in a situation where any nation is well and truly 'self-procreated'!


Adam R. said...

A very smart man. It is a shame that men like him are referred to as "Uncle Toms" for being black and conservative/libertarian. It's also a shame that aging bureaucrats and hippies are considered to be intellectuals. The latter who are mostly white, tend to use such disparaging, racist terms on the former.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

AR: Agreed.