Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A new political order?

Much has been written about what is wrong with our society, politics and system of government by political commentaters, journalists and bloggers. In all those words, not one new, radical idea has been proposed - until now.

On a personal level I am quite taken with the propositions of Richard North, EUReferendum, here and here - coupled with those expressed by Raedwald. Those readers who have not seen those three posts are urged to pop over and read them.

Perhaps then you may like to pop back here and let me know what you think - many thanks.

Lets get a discussion going.......?


Anonymous said...

It's an intriguing notion and very worthy of debate. The potential ramifications are enormous!

WitteringsfromWitney said...

F: So lets start the debate? Ladies first.......? What problems are there inherent in the concept?

TomTom said...

The fact that needs to be acknowledged is that Change comes from Discontinuity not Continuity.

It was the Civil War that produced Parliament as superior to The King and the fear of Civil War which created the myth of Abdication and the notion of The Crown as Monarch in Parliament in 1689.

The prospect of civil War in early 1914 - with Taff Vale and Triple Alliance for the Union side, and The Curragh for the Unionist/Army side - were sidelined by World War.

The Depression was used to induce docility and another European War stopped popular revolution.

It is significant that Ireland had no Conscription in 1916 but had an Uprising whilst in The North, Carson's UVF men died as volunteers on The Somme.

There needs to be a collapse - and it may well come when the Banks crash having extracted REAL wealth from Voters through taxation and interest fraud and commodity price speculation - then the Ruling Elites will look even more bereft than Charles Bean at the BoE has managed to do with his stupidly ignorant comments on coffee markets which set him at odds with Kraft and Nestle as major coffee buyers not to mention Howard Schultz of Starbucks.

Just who does the BoE represent ? certainly not the paying public. That is why the system is on death watch....the ECB could lose 50 billion Euros if Greece defaults having hoovered up Greek Bonds from French banks......wait until the dominoes fall