Monday, 2 May 2011

Norwich North "Babe" spouts more political dogma

Chloe Smith, Norwich North Conservative MP, has been attempting to impress her constituents once more, this time stating that members of the community should see it as a duty to resolve matters of anti-social behaviour.

Ever the politician, she obviously believes that yet more law is the answer to anti-social behaviour and whilst wishing for communities to resolve anti-social behaviour, she probably realises that were the community to do just that she probably would not like the manner in which they solved it. Because she is still in her twenties she can be forgiven for not knowing that years before she was born there was little anti-social behaviour and what little there was was promptly dealt with.

It is noticeable that young Chloe does not seem able to accept that  decades of social meddling and social engineering by successive governments, combined with our enforced acceptance of rulings from the ECHR, has tipped the balance in favour of wrongdoers. As Greenwich Millenium Village Sucks writes:
"Gypsies arrived about a month ago [..] illegally occupied several parking bays along West Parkside and parked on the pavement in Greenwich Millennium Village. If anyone else tried parking for more than two hours at a time in the same bay, they would be fined by the council."
It is not unreasonable to question how a crime prevention injunction would stop issues like those in Greenwich Millenium Village - issues which happen all over the country. Chloe Smith is also being disingenious by promoting government policy as, being a Whip, she must not speak against government policy - something hardly helpful for her constituents.

We all know by now that hoping to hear some common sense, or the truth, from our politicians is somewhat folorn and it also seems no matter the subject, half-truths, obfuscation or lies is all that they can manage. From the same area, Norwich, comes yet another story illustrating political disingeniousness:

Leaving to one side any arguments for, or against, AV; bearing in mind the letter implies that abuses of the system under AV will be less likely, it is surprising to see the name of Ian Gibson amongst the signatories. Ian Gibson, it will be recalled, was the previous Labour MP - who also probably thought he had a job for life - who was deselected by his party for misuse of public funds, namely using his parliamentary expenses to help pay for his daughter’s London home before selling it to her for around half its market value. What is also surprising is that representatives of other political parties, having also signed the letter, are prepared to be associated with Gibson. I fail to see how any voting system will stop a politician abusing the system if he/she is intent on exploitation of whatever rules may be in force.

For as long as political parties control the selection of candidates; control how the elected MPs can represent their constitutents; and insist that loyalty to party comes before loyalty to constituents, even country, then all politicians will be regarded with suspicion by their electorates.

Reverting to Chloe Smith, according to Wikipedia, amongst her political stances is opposition to the Lisbon Treaty, yet reference to They Work For You shows that she voted moderately for more integration with the European Union. According to TWFY record of all voting, not once has Chloe Smith voted against the Government, something, as stated previously, she cannot do in her position as a Conservative Whip. One wonders what her constituents views on that record are!

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