Monday, 30 May 2011

Fontex - and boy, do the EU have a lot of 'front'!

Picking up on one point in this post from CallingEngland where she links to this story in the Daily Express, some initial comments arise.

Whilst acknowledging that the UK is not a signatory to Frontex, when has the fact that a member state has not been a signatory to anything ever stopped the EU implementing something - it should be remembered that what the EU wants, the EU gets. In any event it should also be remembered that where border control is concerned, this can be included in the subjects of territorial cohesion and sercurity - both matters in which the EU shares competence under Article 4 (c) (i) of the TFEU.

Another point that arises from the Express article is the quote from Daniel Hannan:
"As if the EU wasn’t undemocratic enough, it is creating this enormous quango while we are trying to cut them at home."
Really DH? You could have fooled me as it seems that for every one the Coalition has cut, another has been created to replace it. One of the qualifications required for potential MPs or MEPs must be that of being well-versed in the art of using smoke and mirrors, as illustrated in this particular case by one Daniel Hannan.

With regard to the statement by the UK Border Agency, how many times have we heard that an impending decision by the EU won't affect us as we are 'not involved'? As today is 'Wit'Monday, can we assume that the UKBA was joking?

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