Saturday, 28 May 2011


The idea of "Referism" , initiated by Richard North appears to have stirred up part of the blogosphere - at least that part that believes we have too many politicians who, in turn, believe they are the masters. Amongst other bloggers this idea has been commented on by Autonomous Mind, Cranmer and The Purple Scorpion.

Cranmer may well wish to 'label' the idea, he may attempt to mock the idea and he may believe there is a problem with human ego. He may also well believe that the people demand a leader, a view constrained by the fact that the people have never been offered any alternative having had their powers of freedom and choice usurped by our leaders. As I posted, smaller central government, power devolved to smaller units aided by North's referendum ideas would mean that we would not need a leader; more a chief executive and board of management to oversee the implementation of what the shareholders want, both nationally and locally.

The Purple Scorpion comments in his post that it will be interesting to see what emerges from the seed of "Referism". An aspect just as interesting to monitor will be the reaction of the political class and the MSM when they get to hear of it - and what their reaction will be.


PeterCharles said...

"Referism" is a good suggestion that would go some way to rebalancing the current democratic deficit, not that we have ever had any real democracy in the UK, Mother of Parliaments not withstanding.

I for one have no liking or wish to see any 'leader' of the kind intimated, nor is it necessary in my view, short of exceptional circumstances like WW2. Even the original Hellenic democracy realised that and occasionally elected a dictator with carte blanche. An easily sackable and accountable CEO sounds absolutely right. Indeed we could abolish the Commons completely, a reinvented House of Lords, appointed on the basis of recognised achievement, professional understanding and/or experience and tasked with presenting an annual budget and organising prospective Bills to be voted on in referenda would be more than adequate.

I fear that the concept will bubble around the blogosphere (or whatever the word is, or probably isn't) for a few weeks then die away. No concept or political philosophy so contrary to the nature of the Establishment and the political classes will gain any traction unless there is heavy MSM support and I can't see that happening.

Personally I am waiting for the BIG economic crunch, a virtual certainty, that will see the collapse of the global economy, most banks and the global monetary system. Then we might see well-deserved necks stretching from lampposts and a populace not just ready but eager for change, even in here in the UK.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC: Pleased to see that we may have another on board.......

As to this dying a death (to paraphrase) - I don't think so as I for one intend to keep the debate going.

You may well be right, that it will take an economic crunch to awaken people, somethin has to as the sooner some necks are stretched the better!