Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Hear, Hear!

Courtesy of CallingEngland comes notice of a speech given by Ashley Mote:"What has Britain become". Approximately of 30 minutes length, I can but echo the sentiments expressed by CallingEngland that there is not one word of what Mote says with which I can disagree.

Mote states that the takeover of this country began in 1928 with the Frankfurt School Strategy to promote Marxism worldwide. Rodney Atkinson, however, believes the EU arises from plans belonging to Nazis and Fascists:

The central message of both Mote and Atkinson, that EU membership is not in the best interests of our country - regardless of what our political dictatorship believe - does need repetition. Said repetition will need to be a DIY job by the British people as we sure as hell won't be getting any help from the MSM.


TomTom said...

Britain lost its way in 1906 when Liberal Imperialists took control and set us on course for European War through wholly inept diplomacy. The industrialisation of Russia posed a serious threat to Germany - Central Europe is either Russian-dominated or German-dominated - geopolitics has no other option.

The British twice backed Russia and gave Central Europe to Stalin by denying it to Hitler. An offshore island twice interjected itself into Central Europe in a way Disraeli anmd Salisbury had avoided - and unravelled the British Empire.

Without an Empire, and with Christian Faith diminished by the Slaughter of the First War, the nation looked to new beliefs and suffered permanent debilitating weakness.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: Yet another interesting alternative view - Thanks!