Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Do you see what I see, do you hear what I hear?

I am reminded to put the following video into a political context:

Said the nightwind (politician) to the little lamb (elector): do you see what I see? To which, in my dreams, the little lamb replied: "Nope, 'cause you're a lying political bastard"!

Said the little lamb (elector) to the shepherd boy (politician): "do you hear what I hear - a voice as big as can be, telling me what to do?" In turn, the shepherd boy (politician) said to the Mighty King (Brussels): "do you know what I know?" Yup, said the Mighty King, "You're but a poor child (politician), but you can be saved by bringing me silver and gold.", continuing: "Listen to what I say - I will bring you goodness and light."

Which resulted in enslavement, the likes of which man has never experienced since he crawled onto the land - a land, with the passage of time, he came to believe he owned!

Here endeth the first lesson.....................

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