Sunday, 8 May 2011


A commenter on one of my posts has alerted me to the following youtube video, one which he labels as pathetic, yet is also rather hilarious in its content. Whilst not having verified the claims in the video, who says little countries have nothing about which to boast?

On the basis that the UK is not a 'little' country, how about we produce something similar? At least that would underline the message of what the UK has 'given' the world, at the same time adding credence to the message that they should go forth and multiply, whilst leaving us alone.



Lord T said...

Let's get started then.

I suggest that we keep quiet about Gordo and Blair's 'achievements' though.

banned said...

Interestingly it speaks of Portagal being "in Macao" while Britains presence in Hong Kong is
an "occupation".

A similar vid about Englands achievements would last a couple of hours at least.