Sunday, 22 May 2011

Belles de Commons

The Mail on Sunday today contains an article on two blogs purporting to be written by parliamentary interns of MPs, detailing the salacious on-going events behind closed doors. To save readers the time and trouble of searching for the two blogs mentioned, they can be found here and here.

Whether these blogs are fact or fiction - were one of these blogs centred on Jim Paice, Minister for Agriculture and Food, it would be more correct to use the words tract or fiction; but I digress - matters not. What is important is the reaction of Louise Bagshawe, Conservative MP - and chick-lit author, prior to entering the HoC - who is reported as having said:
"I think it is important for staff to maintain confidentiality. If it is a real account, then I don’t approve at all. Private lives should remain private."
That comment, in my opinion, sums up what is wrong with the mindset of our politicians. Confidentiality of matters political - when that refers to constituents inquiries, correspondence; party policy - is of course required. However it is, I believe, generally accepted that we do not fund MPs salaries, expenses, second homes, etc so that they can have relations with their interns or anyone else who catches their predatory eye, especially on parliamentary premises.

With the likes of Illsley, Chaytor, Morley - probably to be joined shortly Hanningfield,Taylor and possibly Huhne - already serving detention and with many MPs still sitting in the HoC when, again in my opinion, they should not be, then comments such as those from Louise Bagshawe stretch one's incredulity to breaking point.

Just a thought..........................

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