Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Christopher Heaton-Harris, Eurosceptic - a fitting epitaph?

A comment submitted on my earlier post: "Moderately Eurosceptic Conservatives":
"I remember Heaton Harris very well from 1999. I was standing in the EU elections against him.

He took me aside and berated me for doing so because without UKIP  "we could get another seat  ".

I said   "Well, say you want us out of the EU and I will campaign to help you get it  " but he declined.

I am afraid he is one of the Tories' whited sepulchres - eurosceptically shining for the up country voters on the outside but full of Vichyite, Europhile corruption on the inside. The sort of chap who sold   "In Europe but not run by Europe " very plausibly.

People of this sort are worse than honest, out and out Europhiles who genuinely believe in their cause. The Heaton Harris's of this world believe in their entitlement to office . FULL STOP.
 I can only add to the comment by saying Heaton-Harris is but a prime example of what is wrong with our political elite - namely their being a collection of self-opinionated, self-important puff-ball nonentities.

Heaton-Harris, as one of the prime shepherds of mis-direction, will be one of those with his own individual lamp post and will not be getting his stall in the promised abattoir - after all, how many "second homes" does a man need, even if of a temporary nature?


The Boiling Frog said...

Spot on, I've had that Tory; "you're stealing our seat" criticism as well. My response of "it's not your seat it's the voters' seat" didn't go down too well. Tough.

Battersea Boy said...

I have know Chris Heaton-Harris for some years and find your description of him to be disingenuous, to say the least. Why not concentrate your fire where it is needed; for example, Bill Newton Dunn (who, it is now evident, clearly lied to those present at the selection conference in Nottingham, 1998)?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TBF: Yup, they do seem to have a false sense of ownership......

BB: I know not of the events you mention - if you wish to provide details (email?) I am quite happy to post on it. Re: CHH, where is the disingeniousness in accusing him ofbeing a 'whipping boy'? Should not one who professes to be Eurosceptic not demand of our government any course of action which will spare us from future bail-out payments?

Whilst not having met CHH I have met his Boss - and I don't trust him one inch either!

Roger Helmer MEP said...

I too remember Chris Heaton-Harris from 1999 -- indeed from 1999 to 2009 and beyond. And I don't recognise this description of him. He's one of that rare breed -- an honest politician. And a eurosceptic from conviction.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

RH: First, thanks for the visit to my humble abode. (seriously)

Whilst obviously accepting your personal association of CHH (and we must all speak as we find) I cannot accept that if he were, as you say, a died-in-the-wool Eurosceptic he would have done what is intimated and carried out the Whips bidding. Why only urge when demand would have been far more honest as a supposed Eurosceptic?