Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Louise Bagshawe

It is not very often that I read Labour List, however I cannot allow this post on their website to pass with comment. It would appear that Ms. Bagshawe has commented unfavourably on the decision to allow dumping of low-grade nuclear waste at a site in her constituency, as reported by the BBC and the Guardian. One can but agree with Ms. Bagshawe that this does indeed make a mockery of the government's 'localism' policy, although she does omit to mention that it is therefore just a continuation of central government's policy of 'democratised dictatorship'.
"No doubt Bagshawe's concerns are linked to the size of her majority (which is less than 2,000) but nonetheless this is a remarkable attack on her own government, and another example of the rebellious nature of the 2010 intake."
The first part of the quotation above may well be true, but the second most definitely cannot be - as witnessed by her voting record, where only once has she 'rebelled' against her party.

Chic-lit author or voting fodder MP - the decision is yours.


Peejos said...

Having watched 'Have I got News for You' in which she showed herself to be a humourless know it all, I realised that she was the bright spark who wanted to introduce us to Central European Time. I forecast that she will leave a trail of ill thought through proposals on a regular basis until ousted at the next election.

WitteringsfromWitney said...


"she showed herself to be a humourless know it all"

I think the word you were seeking is"bimbo"

TomTom said...

Louise Bagshawe is a Cameron groupie who used to be Labour. She is an A-List imposition - no "A" does not stand for air-head, but it should

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: Agreed!