Saturday, 7 May 2011

UN/EU - further news

Further to my post on the subject of the EU having been granted the right to address the UN, my thanks to Ian Parker-Joseph who points me to the fact that the JEF and UEF call on the governments of member states, their Parliaments, the European Commission and the European Parliament to demand a single permanent seat in the Security Council; and that the seat should be given to the EU Foreign Minister. At the same time it is also seen that the EU Parliament is to debate exactly such a motion this coming Wednesday.

Of course the present incumbent of the post of Foreign Secretary, William Hague, doesn't acknowledge Cathy Ashton, according to a report in EUobserver and he has also conveniently forgotten the infamous words of one Jose Manuel Barroso who told a news conference the person to call on foreign policy issues was Cathy Ashton, who had just been chosen as the European Union’s foreign affairs chief and that  The “so-called Kissinger issue is now solved”.  It may be remembered that Nigel Farage told Van Rompuy that he had the status of a low-grade bank clerk - and the same title can be bestowed on William Hague.

The inability of our political leaders to see the 'writing on the wall' beggars belief where the European Union is concerned, a fault compounded by the majority of their MPs. It is also disingenious for Cameron to pledge to save the Union, following the electoral success of the SNP, whilst continuing to agree to membership of the European Union, whose sole aim is the dissolution of the nation state.

Richard North, EU Referendum, posts on the aftermath of the AV referendum and, linking to Simon Heffer's article in the Daily Telegraph, writes:
"What we are about to see, however, is an orgy of self-interest, where Dave and his vapid little mates will now turn their energies to a contest which will cement their personal positions in the unreal world of Westminster, where they may preside over the continuing decline of a once-great nation."
so, no change there then!

The hypocrisy - a quality that appears to be a prime requisite for any politician - and the ineffectiveness of Hague is best illustrated in my post of two days ago. It is extremely sad that not one report has been seen in the MSM querying, or criticising Hague for the inconsistency contained in his remark.

A totally improbable scenario springs to mind, but bear with me. All members of the armed forces must "attest" their allegiance to the Queen on joining. One wonders how many of those - omitting the upper echelons such as Generals, Admirals etc - are themselves sick of the political shenanigans they witness, are incensed at the degeneration of our nation, which in turn poses the question: how long will it be before we in this country see them rebel resulting, possibly, in a military takeover? Far-fetched? Agreed, but also consider if and when the people do take to the streets in open rebellion, how many of our armed forces would actually fire on their own people?

The fact that I have to pose such a scenario as that above demonstrates the nadir to which we, as a nation, has sunk.


IanPJ said...

WfW, thanks for the mention.

I am on holiday at present, soaking up the sun, otherwise I would have blogged about this important step towards a federal EU state that we were all promised would never happen.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

IPJ, a pleasure dear chap - trust you both enjoying yourself!

English Pensioner said...

Every one else seems to want to get more votes, Europe seems to want to get less, reducing the individual votes of the EU Nations to one EU vote.
Good thinking that woman!

Sean O'Hare said...


When you say

One wonders how many of those - omitting the upper echelons such as Generals, Admirals etc - are themselves sick of the political shenanigans they witness

Are you suggesting that you know (rather than wonder) that the top brass are sick of the shenanigans or that they aren't? Not clear from your phraseology. I think it unlikely that a military led rebellion would happen without the senior officers leading it, but also think if things do go much further south military support is possible.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

EP: Agreed.

SoH: I know nothing, I'm from.......

Seriously, I was just 'dreaming' and wondering how our Armed Forces thought on the state of the country for which they risk their lives and how much it would take before some of them thought along the lines of enough, no more.

Unlike you, SoH, I don't believe the support of the Generals etc would be necessary. If say sufficient Colonels, Majors and Captains (or equivalent in other services) got together, that is all that would be necessary - they would know the 'centres' to take out, etc. The Generals would soon follow, fearful for their lives an positions - just look at history!

Things could get interesting.......!

Paul Remfry, Weaver Vale said...

Interestingly I have heard that military personnel are now being asked whether they would be prepared to shoot upon British demonstrators, so perhaps we are not really that far off...

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PR: Ditto, which is what prompted me to air the scenario!