Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Nigel Farage on UN speaking rights for the EU

From the UKIP website:
"The EU's speaking rights at the UN is another step on the road to the UK's international irrelevance. The end of our Permanent Seat is the goal of Federalists. And this latest move at the UN shows it is near being accomplished. 

Britain, having stood alone - together with our kith and kin in The Commonwealth - against German domination of Europe and having expended a huge amount of blood and treasure in bringing about the defeat of Germany, was after WWII accorded a Permanent Seat on the Security Council of the UN, together with the right to veto UN Resolutions and activities.

Such recognition was only just in view of what we had achieved and what we had expended. Yet exactly 66 years, almost to the day, after VE-Day, a British Ambassador, in one of the most shameful acts of betrayal since Munich, voted to grant the European Union "  Special Observer"   status at the UN.

Why does this matter, you might ask?

It is because this is the next step along the road to Britain being deprived of its permanent seat and its voice at the UN Security Council.

This is but another product of the Lisbon Treaty, a treaty upon which each the present British Political Class conspired to prevent the British people expressing their opinion.

Much of the Lisbon Treaty was devoted to the establishment of a "  common foreign and security"   policy and to the creation of an EU Diplomatic Service to underpin it. And in a crucial move, the Treaty gave the EU the right to enter into foreign relations - to sign Treaties, Conventions and International Agreements and the like - thus ensuring the EU fulfils the conditions to be recognised as itself being a Sovereign Independent State in international law.

Just think for a moment what the implications of that phrase "  common foreign and security policy"   are.

It means that the EU will have its own foreign policy. If it does so, the UK and other member states cannot properly have a voice at the UN: for the conceit is that the EU will be talking for us. There can be no such thing as a "  British Foreign Policy"   if there is an EU "  common foreign and security policy".

And the clear logic of that is that the UK (and France) will have to surrender their Permanent Seat at the UN and yield it up to the EU.
So, on great occasions, it will no longer be William Hague sitting there theoretically fighting Britain's corner but the second-rate used politician the European Political Class raised from considerable obscurity to be its Foreign Minister - none other than Baroness Ashton of Upholland.

And be sure of this, she will not be fighting Britain's corner.

She will be doing the work of Germany and France and all the rest of them.

And how will she wield the veto that will go with the EU's accession to our Permanent Seat? Is it to be imagined that this erstwhile Treasurer of the pro-Moscow CND and lover of the General-Secretary of the British Communist Party will be giving the USA her enthusiastic support when the security of the West is threatened?

The end of our Permanent Seat is the goal of Federalists. And this latest move at the UN shows it is near being accomplished."
And so the ingestion by the European Union of the United Kingdom, which was once a free and sovereign nation, proceeds.

Has the time not come when, forgetting their differences, the people of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England speak with one voice and say: "Enough, this stops right now!"?


The Gray Monk said...

This is one reason our forces, and the forces of almost all EU States are being reduced. I have no proof or evidence, but it is my belief that the "Defence Review" was conducted in the knowledge that the long term plan is to create a single fleet and a single army and air force for a US of E.

There can be no other explanation of the cuts being made to ships, aircraft and men here in Germany, across the border in Holland and Belgium (Joke!) and even France. As for the disgraceful cuts to the RN, the RAF and the Army in the UK - what other reason can there be? I wonder, though, if our Seat goes, will the French seat also be subsumed?

IanPJ said...

This is the demand of the Union of European federalists.

UEF and JEF call on the governments of the member states, their Parliaments, the European Commission, the European Parliament, European parties, to demand a single permanent seat for the European Union in the Un Security Council. This seat should be given to the Foreign Minister of the Union.

You can read the full press release.

and its already on the MEPs agenda, they are going to debate it.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TGM: You are undoubtedly correct - and see comment from IPJ.

IPJ: Thanks for those two links - will use them.