Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The future is not bright

And it most certainly is not "Orange", but rather blue with yellow bits (in more ways than one!).

GoodnightVienna, CallingEngland, has a brilliant, well-crafted post which laments our future and the present spineless and mis-guided behaviour of our political elite in which she writes:
"......Within a generation or two the oldsters who remember what things used to be like will have died off, their voices diminishing over the years. Youngsters who have been brought up in this multi-culti, anti-democratic hellhole will know no better and accept the status quo........."
Nothing illustrates the manner in which future generations are being "brain-washed" as part of their education than this report in the Express newspaper:
"Schools are also being sent instructions from the European Parliament on how to celebrate Europe Day. Recommendations include assemblies with an EU theme for all pupils and even setting up a European Cafe that only accepts euros........The leaflet for schools across the UK is from the UK Office of the European Parliament entitled: “A few ideas on how to celebrate Europe Day.” Advice includes: “Hold an assembly on the meaning of Europe Day. “Set up a European cafe in school using Euros/European currencies and arrange a lunch. Learn the national anthems of other EU member states and sing songs of European origin. Write a short story about Europe."
Then of course there is the matter of it being mandatory to fly the European Union flag (you may recall that mention of the European flag was dropped from the original Constitution) on "Europe Day", Monday next. The Coalition's windbag, Eric Pickles, is indignant:
"Not only is it unacceptable to threaten to fine people for not flying a flag, this is unnecessary and pointless red tape. The European Union should be focusing on ensuring that taxpayers are receiving value for money, and clamping down on fraud and corruption in EU-funded project."
Pickles does not deny that he will not refuse to comply - as of course, he cannot - so what is the point of him and his position of Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government; which, come to that, begs the question just what is the point of any government minister?

We now learn that the United Nations has given the right to the European Union to speak at the UN on behalf of its 27 member states.

One can but wonder what those who lost their lives  during the fight to preserve the freedom of their country against totalitarianism would say, were they able to speak?

Update: On the subversion of future generations, there is also this little exercise being carried out! (H/T: The Albion Alliance Presents)


Jacobite said...

It makes my blood boil you can see how they work its all Frankfurt school intertwined with fabianism.I have family buried in war cemeteries and I am unable to visit them due to the fact of the anger I would feel at the waste of their lives they were sold the lie for country and king. You can see why they dumb down history in schools all part of the great EU project.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

J: Yup mine too; I feel for you re your family and re the history aspect: agreed.

riddler said...

Can't lay my hands on the quote quickly, but I believe that old cove Hitler said something along the lines of it doesn't matter whether the older generation is for us or not, because we have got your children. As you put it, just saying.....

WitteringsfromWitney said...

r: As you point out control of the children is equivalent to control of the money.

If control of both are in the same hands................

derek.buxton1 said...

And the BBC is doing it's bit in the dumbing down. I saw part of a science, so called, programme earlier presented by a DR. somebody or other. He spoke to a Scot making wind turbines, not the really large ones, who said they were marvellous. no difficult question about output of course. But the maker did say "the shaft rotates the magnets past coils generating a current, fed through some electronics and then out for use", No mention that every change loses energy as it generates heat, but then he's a Dr.