Thursday, 26 May 2011

Is Ukip a 'busted flush'

So asks Richard North, EU Referendum, in a coruscating post aimed at Nigel Farage, the comments to which can be found here.

I was not a member of the party at the time of the North/Farage 'fallout', however I will state that from what I have read and been told (even by those not anti-Farage) is that Richard North has justifiable grounds for his statements - and which can but illustrate the point I made in this post, namely Farage is no administrator nor manager.

Perhaps WilliamGruff, in the comments, has the kernel of an idea:
"More seriously, I agree with you that new parties are not the answer. I am convinced that nothing can be changed until we return knowledgeable independent members to Parliament, accountable only to their constituents, and voluntarily 'policed' by dedicated members of the public who are concerned only to ensure the probity of our elected representatives and our political system."
The 'key' to this is independent candidates, ones not constrained by political party 'whipping handcuffs' - and chosen by open primaries.

Likewise, perhaps Richard North had the kernel of an idea with his post "Referism - Breaking the chains".

Hopefully your comments will be interesting.........................?


Anonymous said...

I have long had the opinion that voting for someone to represent me in a parliament I don't recognize is beyond stupidity.

I have always been torn between voting for a EU sceptic party - thus having people inside and providing us with ammunition - or not taking any part in their faux democracy.

I am tending to the latter WfW.

I've read R North's post - I believe he is doing a series - now I must read the comments thread.

There do seem to be a lot of EU sceptic heavyweights out there who are totally wasted - oh for a leader and a party to bring them all together.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

BJ: On a personal level, I am torn - I see much good in Ukip, but it is going to waste for reasons I have stated.

"There do seem to be a lot of EU sceptic heavyweights out there who are totally wasted - oh for a leader and a party to bring them all together."

Unfortunately can't see that happening - too many inflated egos involved. Hence my view is leaning towards WilliamGruff's and/or RN's suggestions.

Sue said...

I really hate all this bickering. I admire anyone who stands up to the EU! I like them all, even the ones that are disgruntled with Nigel. They all seem like sensible, sincere people that I would gladly vote for.

All these silly anti eu/pro England independent parties really have to organise, pick a collective name and start to work together.

Nothing can be achieved until we leave the EU first!

Nigel is very charismatic and people like him.. it's a shame Lord Pearson stepped down, he was perfect.

We need one of the Barons to lead us... Baron Mereworth?

He is making an effort to fight this issue, we should support him wholeheartedly!

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Sue:Could not agree more re the bickering etc. Also about all anti-EU getting their heads together. Unfortunately in both points too many inflated egos and people not recognising their personal shortcomings!

TomTom said...

UKIP was founded by Alan Sked and taken on a journey by Farage, but it always aimed to sink the EU Ship from the bridge rather than hole it below the waterline.

UKIP has been a place to waste a EuroVote and relied upon the List System rather than Candidates which is why it has failed at Westminster where it has the wrong Issue.

It needs to mass-mobilise and that means regional leaders and a confederation

kenomeat said...

UKIP needs Farage as their front man when dealing with the media. If UKIP do really well in the Euro elections then the broadcast media may be inclined to include their party leader in the televised party leader debates before the next General Election. It would have to be Nigel for UKIP.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

k: Quite agree with your points, however I have to return to the central point I have made and that is the party has to do something about its presentation and administration.