Tuesday, 24 May 2011

European External Action Service

Today in the Daily Telegraph we find this country's apology of a Foreign Secretary, one William Hague, stating that he has advised British Embassies world-wide to be on their guard for the EU's External Action Service embassies "power grabs". We also find EUobserver referring to David Lidington as a "junior minister" (such a delightful phrase to describe a politician of Liddington's lack of stature) and that he has criticised Kathy Ashton for seeking too much money and too much power.

Err, guess which individual voted in favour of the External Action Service when this was debated in the House of Commons? Yup, one David Lidington - and now he complains about possible "competence creep"?

Interestingly - and something I didn't know - Lidington runs a blog and from that source is the text of a speech he gave to the UK Association for European Law on 25th November last year, in which he quoted the now infamous words of Lord Denning on the subject of the impact of the European Communities Act 1972:
"The treaty does not touch any of the matters which concern solely the mainland of England and the people in it. These are still governed by English law. They are not affected by the Treaty. But when we come to matters with a European element, the Treaty is like an incoming tide. It flows into the estuaries and up the rivers. It cannot be held back. [...] Any rights or obligations created by the Treaty are to be given legal effect in England without more ado. Any remedies or procedures provided by the Treaty are to be made available here without being open to question. In future, in transactions which cross the frontiers, we must no longer speak or think of English law as something on its own. We must speak and think of Community law, of Community rights and obligations, and we must give effect to them."
I never cease to be amazed at our politicians spending time attempting to repeat that the sovereignty of parliament must remain supreme whilst at the same time trooping through the government lobbies accepting and agreeing to membership of the European Union. 

When considering Lidington and his slavish adherence to EU membership it should be remembered that he served  as special adviser to the pro-European former Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd from 1989-90. Either Lidington learned his love of the EU whilst with Douglas Hurd or perhaps the additional 30,000+ pieces of silver he receives, on top of his MPs salary, might well have had something to do with this. Who can tell when considering a politician's principles vs power vs salary?


Goodnight Vienna said...

I too find it astounding that they can claim black is white despite their own previous words to the contrary. It happens whenever a government minister stands to speak about the EU and the UK's relationship with it - and they know they're lying to the British people!

I have absolutely no idea how they salve their consciences. I've given up trying to understand them - we just need to keep on exposing them for what they are. Your comments moderation policy prevents me from spelling it out :-)

Voyager said...

Having met Lord Denning and listened to him there seems to be noone with his ability to communicate. He studied Maths and went to the Western Front, survived and lost his friends - 10% every year at Oxford 1914-18 was KIA - and studied law being a dock brief in the 1920s.

He probably had more experience of life - he certainly communicated it.

Katabasis said...

Many a strong word was spoken in the chamber earlier against the EU by the handful (circa 50) present - and by MPs from both sides of the aisle.

Yet how many of those words will be carried by our peon media the the ears and eyes of the masses?

And worse, how is it possible that the Wrecking Amendment was voted through by another 250 who did not participate in the debate, but who voted according to their whips' command?

The final vote was 267 to 46. Had it been just those present for the debate voting I am confident the original motion, not the amended version, would have been carried.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

GV: I can but echo your sentiments. On the comment moderation policy - surely it does not affect any comments you may wish to make, as a high-class lady?

V: Agreed.

K: Yup, do not expect great coverage of an important debate in the MSM either - they too have their noses deep in a trough!