Friday, 4 November 2011

MPs bemoan possible damage to democracy - really?

Reported by the Guardian and the BBC, MPs are complaining that the change to individual voter registration, as against the existing household registration, could involve the real risk of damaging democracy. Err, excuse me, what democracy?

Was not our democracy damaged with the passing of the European Communities Act which received Royal Assent on 17th October 1972? Has not our democracy been damaged, during the intervening years between 1972 and the present day, by leaders of our political parties promising a referendum on membership of the European Union and then reneging on said promises? Has not our democracy been damaged by the Expenses Scandal, whereby our politicians looted the public purse? Has not our democracy been damaged with the practise by political leaders of exercising a stranglehold on the voting procedure in Parliament? Has not our democracy been damaged with the passing of draconian laws, laws on which the public were never consulted and for which they never voted? Has not our democracy been damaged by the lies and deceit of our MPs, the one section of our society who should be showing the public that honour and principle are important personal characteristics?

It is all very well for Graham Allen, Labour chair of the political and constitutional reform select committee, to pontificate that individuals taking responsibility for their own votes is the right thing to do, but he needs reminding that MPs being held responsible for their actions is also the right thing to do.

I note that MPs are also being urged to remember the 5th of November and that that date should be better commemorated. Indeed it should - and MPs should also realise that in view of their continual disregard for democracy the public may well decide to have more than one 'celebration' a year - the second commemorating when they saved what was left of their democracy!

Just saying......................


The Apiarist said...

One thing you left out of our list which perhaps should have been included; the extension of the postal vote which has led to industrial-scale fraud. This has cut off any idea of "one man, one vote" at the knees.

Anonymous said...

One person one vote does not make a democracy. All it does is to give a facade of democracy, provide opportunity for the elite to tell lies with a straight face (practice makes perfect), allows pressure groups, and organised minorities, such as those around the mosque, to extract promises which are a detriment to society as a whole.

It need not be this way, but that is how it is.

Nothing will change. As I posted months before, power is never given but has to be taken, with force if necessary.

cosmic said...

How about the Stuart Wheeler case where it was confirmed by the courts that manifesto pledges are absolutely worthless - just words?

Given that ruling, they may as well not issue manifestos and you really have no idea what exactly you are voting for.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TA, DP111 & c: You all make the case for my belief in a participtory democracy...... thank you!

Anonymous said...

WfW: You all make the case for my belief in a participtory democracy...... thank you!

The question is how to get there?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

DP111: Legally, you talk to others, explain what is involved and the benefits - ie, you spread the word. Illegally, we shoot the bastards and then set it up!

Anonymous said...


Indeed. Logic and the force of reason, if it is to succeed, must be backed up with with more then just the above.