Sunday, 4 December 2011

Why the EU is an economic mess (2) (mea culpa)

In the preceding post, of the same title, I referred to a video link by Daniel Hannan to a speech he made in the EU Parliament, the video being noted as having been posted on youtube by Hannan on 28th November 2011. A lesson has been learnt in that when posting it is imperative to 'follow through' on the subject in the initial post; Hannans words 'the last commission' should have been sufficient to set me off on a journey of discovery, so this post is a 'mea cupla' in that respect

Richard North, EU Referendum, has kindly supplied links showing that what Hannan did was to 'regurgitate' old news as 'new' - presumably in an attempt of which all politicians are guilty, namely of showing himself in a 'good light' and thus preserving the intention of every politician's intention for 'self-aggrandisement'. As Richard points out in the comments on the preceding post, he raised this same subject at the time the original report was published and followed it up, here, two years later.

To repeat; lesson learnt, Richard - thank you.


john in cheshire said...

I don't think that Messrs Hannan and Carswell are bona fide EU opposers. They talk the talk, but I don't see them actually making a difference. Not even John the Baptist.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

jic: Agree re H & C.