Sunday, 4 December 2011

More coalition disingeniousness

As with the Coalition promises to introduce a recall system for recalcitrant MPs and local referendums in their 'programme for government', where when enacted, the eventual 'promises' bore no comparison to what was promised; so with Special Advisors (Spads). The Independent carries a short story that it will shortly be annnounced the number of Spads employed by the Coalition is now higher than under the previous Labour government. Of course whilst the media reported that David Cameron wished to cut the number of spads, it is worth noting that page 27 of the Coalition's programme for government only states that a limit will be placed on their numbers - and needless to say, there was no limit specified.

We then have Nick Clegg, appearing with Andrew Marr today, 'abhorring the fact that people in the private sector get paid for failure'. How about the electorate applying that principle to those in the public sector - and specifically our politicians?

Just asking........................


Anonymous said...

"Nick Clegg, appearing with Andrew Marr today, 'abhorring the fact that people in the private sector get paid for failure'."

Ha ha ha. The leader of the third party whinging about people getting paid for failure - but getting paid and the failure party paid all sorts of public money (short money) for not getting to be the first party.


IanPJ said...

Officials in private companies are responsible only to their shareholders, who have the right and the ability to remove them.

For all his 3rd rate 3rd party whining Clegg does not have the ability to interfere in that process unless he changes the law.

If only the same were applied to the monumental failures that are our unelected government in Brussels, fat cat town hall clerks and their army of useless paper pushers, NGO's, Government agencies, fake charities and politically appointed lords.

Does Clegg not know that no-one even listens to him, that the nation is contemptuous of him and mere mention of his name makes people laugh and jeer with derision.

PeterCharles said...

Note he says nothing about the public purse financed fat cats who also get paid for failure, at a far higher rate than most in the equivalent private sector, nor as you point out does he mention the lack of consequences for political failure that impoverish us all.

He sounds more and more like a Labour politician every day. It makes one wonder if that is actually his game plan, when the coalition destructs to slither out and beg a safe Labour seat if it looks as though the LibDems are going to get shafted. Indeed I can see him now, the next election creeping closer, LibDems still poised for annihilation in the polls, then a sudden defection to Labour as he claims he cannot any longer trust or whatever the Tories thereby shafting both the coalition and the LibDems to save himself. If nothing else it would probably be the only way for his name to survive into the future.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

A: The irony of what he said obviously escaped him - and Marr!

IPJ: Agreed.

PC: Actually, methinks he may lose his seat and if that happens it will be off to Brussels for him.