Saturday, 17 December 2011

Cameron asks that we show faith

in our Christian values, according to Politics Home, whilst the BBC reports that he called for a revival of traditional Christian values to counter Britain's "moral collapse". It is indeed ironic that this exhortation comes from a man who admits to being a 'vaguely practising Christian; who wishes to counter the 'moral collapse' of our society while belonging to a class of our society who, by their decisions, have assisted in that moral collapse; that he belongs to a class of our society who should be the last to advise us on morals, especially in view of the lack thereof they have exhibited - and still do - where their own conduct is concerned.

In raising this subject Cameron is opening yet another can of worms, as he did with his idea that the rules of primogeniture should be changed - and as did Blair with his policy of devolution. How Cameron believes 'Christian values' can be imposed while at the same time accepting the Human Rights Act and all that that entails must surely mean - to coin a phrase - God only knows. Charles Moore, in his usual Saturday op-ed piece in today's Daily Telegraph, enters the debate on primogeniture with what is, for him, a reasonable article in which he poses the question whether the Government has really thought through its plans to change the rules of succession. The answer to Moore's question, on past experience, is obviously not!

That our political elite are basically the root cause of the problems we presently experience is no longer in doubt. That the dictatorial power they wield must therefore be curbed is also no longer in doubt. By what right to they change the fabric of our society; by what right to they change our constitution; by what right do they change the rules of primogeniture without the express agreement of we the people? 

Like Cameron, I too believe it is time for change - although the change I have in mind will not be one of which he, or his 'class', would approve.

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Sue said...

He really has a fucking cheek. Politicians have broken every single commandment in the last few decades handing us over to a bunch of corrupt dictators.

How I wish I could meet him face to face.

Antisthenes said...

We are certainly seeing a phenomena throughout Europe of the abandonment of democratic principles. It has a lot to do with the moral decline that Cameron is alluding to or perhaps more accurately it is running in parallel with it. Both are symptoms of a deeper underlining cause. We like many other societies before us are in the falling phase of the rise and fall cycle. If history is anything to go by then observation of previous rises and falls tells us that history is repeating itself yet again.

graham wood said...

Antisthenes. I think Cameron rightly observes the moral decline you refer to, but how ironic that he is a chief contributor!
He declares he is a "Christian", and yet, arguably he heads up the most secular government we have had for years.

His speech was typical of a post-modernist "all things to all men" - a heteredox political activist who can use even the King James Bible, and his version of "christianity" to further his own political image.
Indeed, a "Man for all seasons"

e.g. He says: "Let me be clear: I am not in any way saying that to have another faith - or no faith - is somehow wrong."

Answer: But something must be "wrong" Not all the faiths can be right can they? If they are all "right" then there is no point in devotion or "committment" to any particular one.

Jesus cuts off any such notion by saying "no man comes to the Father, but by me". Pretty radical, but at one stroke it cuts out every single alternative religion except that of Christianity.

Back to Cameron. How then in his new found "Christian" garb, does he justify the anti Christian "gay marriage" law he is about to propose?

john in cheshire said...

Graham Wood, hear hear. And is Mr Cameron's belief in Christ a cast-iron belief,I wonder. I somehow doubt it. But then, when we have a national Christian Church, where some of its leaders openly profess doubt about some of the key tenets of the faith, then God help us because his so-called proselytisers are doing just the opposite.

Ian said...

Good point, john in cheshire. Perhaps Cameron really wants us to become more like the Archbishop of Canterbury, with his "Christian" qualities of moral relativism, guilt-feelings about the past, sympathy for criminals, anti-Jewish (whoops, zionist) sentiment, acceptance of sharia law, willingness to consecrate transsexual communists...and belief in global warming (like most churches, the C of E gets money from Brussels).

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Sue: When you come over, I'll see what I can do to grant your wish.

A: Agreed.

gw: Very good points, especially the last para!

jic: Agreed.

I: Also very good points, again especially the last.