Tuesday, 6 December 2011

More on racism and racists

Readers will know that on Sunday last I ventured into the subject of racism with this post, one which asked the question of what defines racism. I return to the subject with two newspaper articles dealing with an incident that occurred seventeen months ago in Leicester. The events are recounted in the Daily Telegraph and the Mail, the latter with 'stills' from cctv cameras.

The incident to which the two newspaper articles refer concerns an attack by 4 Muslim women on a white woman who was accompanied by her boyfriend. If an attack by 4 Muslim women on a white woman, whilst using phrases such as "White Bitch" and "White Slag", is not racist then perhaps it is now necessary to redefine the term 'racist'. That the resultant sentencing process produced suspended sentences with one defendant receiving a curfew between 9pm and 6am, whilst the other three were ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work, totally beggars belief.

Let us suppose for one moment that the racial origins of those involved had been reversed, one that involved 4 white women carrying out an unprovoked attack on a Muslim woman. It is extremely unlikely that William Hill or Betfair would even be prepared to quote odds against the full weight of the judicial system descending upon the 4 white women; accompanied of course by the shrieks of condemnation from the likes of the Equality and Human Rights Commission or the Institute for Race Relations, plus their associated 'stakeholders' plus those of politicians and the police in the vanguard.

In passing it has to be noted that it is surprising the two reports do not contain any statement condeming the attack from the police officers involved in this case. And when the positions are reversed......? Also, if the boyfriend caused harm in defending his girlfriend then it would appear the 'stills' do not bear this out as it would appear from them that he was no more than a spectator, or was that selective editing on the part of those who made the 'stills' available - or even by the press in deciding what they would print?

It is necessary to end this post before something is written that causes plod to knock on the door with charges of inciting racism, however suffice to say that, nowadays, it would appear the scales of justice appear to be somewhat out of balance.

Update: And Emma West gets remanded in custody..........? 

Update (2): Up Pompeii has a video - apologies to the boyfriend, he was no spectator'!


Quiet_Man said...

I posted this comment on Julia's blog on the same subject.

I've recently blogged about this sort of legal imbalance. This sort of story and the quite evident differing approaches to how differing groups are dealt with (examples [URL="http://quietmanmyblog.blogspot.com/2011/12/further-to-yesterdays-post-on.html"]here[/URL] and [URL="http://quietmanmyblog.blogspot.com/2011/12/bet-this-doesnt-go-down-as-hate-crime.html"]here[/URL]) depending on the victim will breed more and more resentment in society many of whom in the majority already feel that they are victimised simply for being who they are and that those whose skin colour is different get preferential treatment when dealing with authority. Something is seriously out of kilter in our society and if it is not put right the resentment will continue to grow until it explodes into violence. You often have politicians and pundits warning against the rise of nationalist groups, todays headline in the Daily Mail is a perfect example of why it's happening.

PeterCharles said...

It is the liberal, political mindset. Only white people can be racist, non-whites are only reacting in response to the racial discrimination they have to bear every day. If it happened in a majority non-white country it is still not racism because those involved were only reacting against centuries of exploitation by white people.

If only the political correct and the 'experts' could admit that racism and xenophobia are normal reactions, burned into our primitive brains for almost the entirety of human existence as a part of the 'fight or flight' survival mechanism, we might be able to make some progress on the point that such reactions are no longer needed or even beneficial.

Tipple said...

The boyfriend does wade in a few times but he seems rather frazzled himself. The "muslim" girls got let off because they were subjected to a "brutal assault" by this man as he defended his girlfriend. Little shits with their bling are about as muslim as I am.

Anonymous said...

The systemic and rampant racism imbued into the ideology of 'religion of peace', is perhaps where mankind has reached his, 'a zenith' of misanthropy'.

Witness the common practice across the North of England of Pakistani men grooming young white girls for their own sexual gratification. The racist inference being, white 'meat' whores are inferior, kuffar and consequently 'begging for it'.

A barbarism encouraged and no doubt blessed by some imams behind closed doors. Humanity has no place in this savage [potential but in certain locales and areas it is already here - go to Bradford or Tower Hamlets] theocracy, it is a cruel dogma with no empathy or pathos. Incredibly, why do the PC brigade not do or say a word but seem to lay down before it?

All of the authorities involved in this awful cover up have ignored, denied and blanked acknowledging this widespread abuse.
A bitter irony considering that, the realisation that these same authorities attach over pious adherence to child protection diktats. Why is it, that they allow these kids to roam the streets in the first place and late at night?

So PC works to make the child more vulnerable and then when the atrocity is perpetrated the PC brigade are unable to react because of their own stupid rules and codes.

All in all, because they have been silenced and cowed into turning a blind eye.

This is just the start:-
Chief institution turning a blind eye: The POLICE.

DerekP said...

"It is necessary to end this post before something is written..."

I know what you mean. I cannot recall when I last felt so angry, an anger that's going to last.

Emma West - locked up 'for her own protection'(?) so she won't get to spend Christmas with her family! In the video I saw Emma didn't say anything hateful, maybe unpleasantly factual for some, but nothing like those Somalis who attacked Rhea Page.

Rhea Page - repeatedly kicked in the head in an unprovoked attack, and whose extremely violent attackers had consideration shown to them because Rhea's boyfriend tried to defend her!

Danny O'Shea - chased down by a black gang, then needlessly murdered.

Any wonder that Danny O'Shea's murderers felt confident to brazenly pursue and murder him in broad daylight?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

QM: Yup, read them. Read all yours although may not comment each time, but do link fairly regularly.

PC: Agreed as usual!

T: So I see from UP's video. see update.

Anon: Cant fault any of what you say.

DP: Agreed.