Wednesday, 14 December 2011

We can trust politicians and their sycophants to be truthful?

Benedict Brogan, writing in the Daily Telegraph, states the obvious when he writes that Cameron is now engaged in a major operation of keeping the Coalition together (something most of us had realised for some time now, BB). He does raise one good question which is what, exactly, does Cameron do next, having raised the expectations of his supposedly 'eurosceptic' backbenchers. It would be nice to believe that Cameron and his backbenchers know damn well they can't repatriate one single comma of the Lisbon Treaty without the agreement of the other 26 - but hey, we are talking Conservative Party here........

Tim Montgomerie tweets:
"Tories hit 41%. Clear message: Voters like strength, honesty, patriotism (roughly in that order). EU is now no.3 issue "
If only Cameron did exhibit 'strength' ('U'Turns?); 'honesty' (Localism Bill, Recall Bill, Repatriation?); and 'patriotism' (Rule from abroad by the EU?); but hey, we are talking Cameron here........

And we, the people, are kept 'informed' of the true facts in an impartial manner?


Richard said...

How easily people are fooled.

Anonymous said...

Wait until the "Commission" come up with the real treaty, Cameron will be over there signing away the last vestige of British sovereignty because "it will be in the best interest of the British people"
Any bets?

PeterCharles said...

As I have said previously, the mantra for the modern politician is: "what you did yesterday doesn't matter, what you might do tomorrow doesn't matter, only what you do today matters". Besides which everything he is doing is a charade, from his Localism, Recall and Repatriation policies to his 'vetoing' something that did not exist and his present undiminished belief in how essential our remaining a 'leading' part of the EU is.

It is obvious he has learned at least one thing from the LibDems, how to be all things to all men, saying exactly what they want to hear, and how to espouse opposite and contrary policies at the same time without even a hint of a blush, they are after all the true experts at it.

Quite honestly I can't understand how anyone can believe a single word he says about anything, not that that is anything new from my perspective.

The truly awful thing as Richard has said is how so many have been fooled, and not just in the Tory party.

cosmic said...

What Cameron will do next is an interesting question.

The answer is nothing. I think that having in the eyes of many Conservative supporters, affirmed his Eurosceptic credentials with his 'veto' (with the assistance of the BBC) he will waffle on about 'defending Britain's interests in Europe' and 'constructive engagement'. There'll be no referendum in anything like the current circumstances. He'll take the Tory line of 'sensible Euroscepticism'.

Events are being driven by something else, which is the imminent failure of the Euro.

Now I wish there was a will to seize the chance to declare it dead and move on as an independent nation, but I have a fear that our government (of whatever shade) will be there trying to revive it.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

R: Agreed - Judas Goat/Sheep/Mindless Idiots springs to mind!

Anon: No!

PC: It is, indeed, getting boring is it not?

c: Very pertinent comment, to which I have to add where is Ukip, supposedly our saviour?

cosmic said...


The EU hasn't really been continually in the public eye until this last year or so and the Euro crisis. Important, but always in the background.

There's more to our problems than the EU and more to leaving the EU, at least while it exists in anything like its current form, than having a referendum and telling the EU to get stuffed.

As to Cameron, he's a factor, but not that much of a factor. If he suddenly decided to get the UK out of the EU it would be a hell of a job and not without risk of failure. I don't think he wants anything but to be called PM for as long as possible anyway. We're not being held in the EU solely by the will of Cameron.

UKIP and its challenges have been discussed before.

THE biggest factor is the Euro. No one has any practical ideas on how to stabilise it and it doesn't look as if it has long to go. I'd guess that most governments are quietly looking into what comes after, but they are uncharted waters.

thespecialone said...

Events are moving so fast in eurozone that I predict that no matter what Cameron says or does will be overtaken by those events. I do wish that people would not listen to what the media says and read blogs that know exactly what is going on.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

c: Agreed leaving will not be easy - there's a load of treaties agreed by the EU which would need renegotiating. However much the pain involved I do believe that leaving is the only option if we wish to be independent and trade with the rest of the world....

That Cameron is more interested in Cameron and the PM's job is a given - no argument there.

tso: Agreed. I do think that people are turning to the internet for their news though.