Thursday, 1 December 2011

What; and how much?

Today a meeting took place, attended by Foreign Secretaries and Ministers, of the Member States under the chairmanship - and I use the word 'man' in that title deliberately - of Cathy Ashton. This meeting resulted in a press release from which I quote:
"....EU defence ministers discussed the state of play concerning the Common security and defence policy (CSDP) and adopted conclusions. The Council also established the 2012 budget for the European Defence Agency."
What conclusions and how much, exactly, is each Member State liable under the budget for the European Defence Agency? Oh; and when do the people get to voice their agreement on those decisions?

Now, if we had direct democracy.................. (but I repeat myself)


Xopher said...

"and adopted conclusions" that's specific!

Anonymous said...

The only good news was that the agreed budget was 30.5 million euros, our procurement at the MOD could waste that on toilet seats in a morning.