Friday, 30 December 2011

Cross party talks = 'stitch-up'?

Peter Hoskin, The Coffee House, posts on the forthcoming 'cross party talks' due to take place in the New Year. Discussing the problems being caused by an ageing population, Hoskin writes:
"It's just that they don't want to be the ones to implement the tax hikes or spending cuts that will be necessary to fund it. If they can talk it through with the other parties — the thinking goes — then this crucial policy area can be detoxified, the blame spread more or less evenly."
Which begs the question just what other 'policy areas' are 'talked through' so as to detoxify the subject? EU membership? Denial of a cost/benefit analysis on said membership? Denial of a referendum on said membership? Denial of any public discussion on said membership? Denial of any suggestion that we no longer are a 'sovereign' nation?

The picture that the Coffee House uses:

suggests a 'bonhomie' that is far from the impression that PMQs would suggest, so therefore we can assume that PMQs is but a 'show' put on for the general gratification of the public - likewise politics in general. (So how many of us didn't know that?) That the impression given of Clegg being the central figure in the 'stitch-up' being practised on the British electorate is not that far from the truth. Although if every picture should tell a story, then Cameron should be standing between Clegg and MilibandE purely to underline the words of the 'marching instruction': Left, Left, Left ..... Left'. Had the picture been posed as I suggest - and we all know that a picture cannot lie - it would have confirmed that the 'Right' had been omitted.

Just saying...........


Ian Hills said...

Nice wry observations wfw.

IanPJ said...

Just look at their body language though.

Millitwat in classic supine pose, the angelic I do as I am told posture.

The Cleggeron, narrowed shoulders and the defensive crossed arms.

Whilst Camerloon displays the arrogant I don't give a shit, hands in pockets posture. All he needs is a hoody to make his pose complete.

Not a leader or statesman gene to be seen anywhere.

Ian Hills said...

Milliband shows just what a big boy he is.....or something

Monty Cristo said...

Looks like the one on the left is playing pocket billiards, the one on the right is checking for the availability of balls for billiards and the one in the middle gave up trying to find any balls at all; (although in real life the prat on the right may have too many Balls of varied gender).

cosmic said...

Three peas in the same pod.

They agree on just about everything of any importance; the EU, Global Warming, the big state, public spending. They try to big up cosmetic differences for their respective tribes of suckers.

For all practical purposes each is a plug-in replacement for the others.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

IH: Thanks

IPJ: Good point - that aspect of the picture had escaped me.

MC: Agreed

c: Most definitely agreed