Saturday, 10 December 2011

Eustice really is useless

Per the Concise Oxford Dictionary - cretin: 1. a person who is mentally retarded as a result of a thyroid deficiency; 2. colloq. a stupid person.
George Eustice had an article in the opinion section of the Financial Times yesterday, the beginning of which marks the article as yet another sop to Cameron's brand of eurosceptism. He commences his article by stating that no-one can say Cameron is soft on Europe and that Cameron means what he says, something that other European leaders would do well to remember. Cameron means what he says? This the man who has more policy 'U' turns to his credit in the past few weeks than most people have in one year. Eustice repeats the lie that a treaty was 'on the table' - how many times does it have to be repeated that that was not the case; that the process of drafting it had not even begun. As Richard North noted about Cameron who he stated lived in a fantasy world, one which does not exist, it can only be assumed Eustice has emigrated there also.

Whilst acknowledging that his party is held to be fractous on the question of what he, too, will insist on calling 'Europe', when he means EU membership, he maintains the reality is different. Defining two types of Conservative MP he completely overlooks the fact that too many of those MPs are 'career politicians' - one only has to look at the voting records to see that this is undeniably true, with the majority obediently filing through lobbies in support of the Coalition.

Eustice recognises that the concept of “ever closer union” has been hard wired into previous treaties; that once the EU acquires a new competence or responsibility, it never lets go; and then later waffles on about the repatriation of powers or establishing a relentless process that over time creates a flow of powers back to the UK as part of a new settlement in which a self-confident Britain is a member of an outer tier of the EU. Eustice compounds the stupidity of his article by asking why a referendum is now necessary to reclaim powers when so many have been lost without a referendum.

Eustice undeniably fits the second definition of cretin - and if we add 'or brain' to the end of the first definition, then he most definitely fits that, too!

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