Saturday, 24 December 2011


Whilst loading music onto my laptop (not classical, but pop music of my era) with a view to creating some cds for use in the car, I came across what I think is the best song ever to have won the Eurovision song contest. The event in 1964 was hosted by Denmark, where the winner "Non ho l'eta", was sung by a sixteen year old, Gigliola Cinquetti. It should be pointed out that in those days the voting system was totally different to that used today - only three countries could be awarded votes using the scale of 1, 3 and 5 points. 

From Wikipedia we learn:
"The immediate response of the Koncertsal audience to the Italian entry was markedly enthusiastic and prolonged and, most unusually for a contest performance, after leaving the stage Gigliola Cinquetti was allowed to return to take a second bow. Her performance was given an unscheduled repeat on British television the following afternoon. In the event, she won the most crushing victory in the history of the contest, with a score almost three times that of her nearest rival, a feat extremely unlikely ever to be bested under the post-1974 scoring system."
That recall - and the action by the BBC - has never, to my knowledge, been repeated. Incidentally, the second placed country was the United Kingdom, Matt Munro, with "I love the little things" which garnered 17 votes.

Anyway, see what you think.



subrosa said...

Jings, I'd forgotten about that one. I used to sing it all the time then and can still remember the words.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

The point about Non ho l'eta was it was so different in composition to anything else on view or had gone before.

The next one to Gigliola must be Vicky Leandros with Apres Toi - a song she sang with feeling and like Non ho l'eta of similar composition.

Ah, those were the days when pop songs were songs.......