Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Impartial BBC?

The supposed impartiality of the BBC has long been a bone of contention amongst those of us who can see beyond the end of our noses.

How can the BBC be impartial, especially on the subject of the European Union, when it is in receipt of a £50million loan from the European Investment Bank as noted on page F79 of this document? It should be remembered that The European Investment Bank is the European Union's bank, its mission being to promote the EU's objectives by providing long-term financing on favourable terms.

It is accepted that this loan has been public knowedge for some time, however I believe it should be repeated - and repeated ad infinitum.

He who pays the piper...........?

Just saying.........................

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cosmic said...

It's worth reading the foreword by Anthony Jay to Christopher Booker's report on the BBC

We're looking at an enthusiasm for the big state in all its forms which has been there for decades.

As for the £50 million loan, it really isn't a case of paying a piper to play a tune, it's more finding a piper who's specialised in this tune for decades and does it for fun, and giving them a tip.