Sunday, 18 December 2011

Pause for thought - as its Sunday

This Sunday morning was no different to any other Sunday morning if you were on Twitter with 'soundbites' being tweeted about the 'great and the good' who were appearing on Marr's political 'love-in'. Actually, when considering those appearing, the term 'great and the good' is a tad of a misnomer - but I digress.

From the BBC we learn that:

Vince Cable, when questioned as to whether Cameron's 'phantom veto on the phantom treaty' (my phrasing) had caused him to consider resignation, Cable replied that while frequently wondering about his position in government, he believed that on reflection a commitment to actually making this government work; to deal with the very serious problems in the economy; was the most important point. A little honesty from St. Vince along the lines that the additional £70k, on top of his £65k salary as an MP, might have also played a part, coupled with his appearing as a 'big man' in the political word, would have been more than welcome - and would no doubt have earned him plaudits from the public for his 'openness'.

Next up, the BBC features Boris Johnson, who we all know is no more than Mayor of London while well-earning the title of Bumbling Idiot. Bumbling Idiot indeed - "there will be no more threats for the City of London from Brussels"? And they talk of this man being a future leader of his party? Sheesh!

Last, we come to Peter Mandelson, 'Blairite' and ex-Commissioner of the European Union, who also maintains that "there is no threat to Britain whatsoever" with the recently published draft of the ESM document. Of course Marr, the 'face' of the BBC, didn't question Mandelson whether his views may be tempered by the conditions imposed on his pension as an ex-Commissioner of/by the EU.

When such blatant 'untruths' and 'spin' is allowed to pass without question, is it any wonder that the British public are so ill-informed about what is happening in their country; is it any wonder that 'career politicians' are allowed to continue plying their 'trade'; is it any wonder that incompetent nonentities rise to the top of the cesspool that politics has become? At the time of writing, 18:50, on the Ukip website nearly 7 hours later, not one word of rebuttal to those three politician's utterances mentioned above appears - and Ukip believe they are, or about to become, the 'third party' in British politics?

That change is required to our political system and of those partaking in it - underlined by the three examples above - is undeniable. That the vast majority of our politicians are 'career politicians' - and I exclude no party in that statement - is also becoming undeniable. To those who believe my statement is wrong, the comments section to this blog is open to all - prove to me that I'm wrong in that assertion. We, as a country, are being led blindfolded up the 'political garden path', at the end of which there will be only one winner - and it won't be we, the people!


Antisthenes said...

Society is rapidly heading towards the sewer. The lowering of morals, standards and values can be observed everywhere. Incompetence and corruption has become the norm. We see it in our politicians and in many of our professional people, the general public are no less immune. A few people like you attempt to draw this problem to everyone's attention and ask that remedies be sought to no avail. In parallel with social decline has been economic decline. At some time this decline is going to reach a point where it is no longer sustainable and there are going to be terrible consequences. I am quite old but I fear I shall still be around to witness and be effected by it. We should be afraid very afraid.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

A: agreed, sad as it is....