Monday, 26 December 2011

Sorry, I complained first.....

Or at least, I think I did. I notice from Politics Home that Gary Streeter, the  Conservative chairman of the all-party Christians in Parliament group, has jumped on my bandwagon complaining that Rowan Williams would be on on safer ground if he stuck to moral and spiritual issues; and that he would be wise to leave the politics to politicians and focus on providing spiritual leadership. I would be only too happy to second Streeter's entreaty, but he includes the wish for politics to be left to politicians - and just look at the mess that that idea has gotten the country into! 

Like his political colleagues Gary Streeter needs to be educated into the benefits of 'Referism' and Direct Democracy. The introduction of both will, needless to say, involve what might be termed 'mass redundancies' and 'pay cuts', however Gary Street can compliment himself that, as a result of his suggestion, he has 'moved up' both lists being compiled.

Happy Christmas, Mr. Streeter!


Woodsy42 said...

I'm not convinced that leaving all moral and spiritual issues in the hands of the church has been an overwhelming success either!
Hope you had a good Christmas WfW.

IanPJ said...

That's the trouble with bandwagons, everyone wants a free ride and the honours always go to the one with the highest profile, not the one who created it.

Should be a law against that.... heh

WitteringsfromWitney said...

W42: As with everything, people should only offer guidance, whether that guidance is followed is another matter - personal choice?

Yes thanks and trust you did too!

IPJ: I know, Martyrs R Us.......?

PeterCharles said...

I certainly am sure Rowan Williams has just as good a grasp of moral and spiritual issues as he does the political. Aside from that he is the very model of a modern Lib Dem, after all, there are not many Druids that made it to Archbishop of Canterbury, not publicly at any rate. Talk about all things to all men.

I think you and the good doctor are missing the point about political spin. Since Blair 'spin' has been the central preoccupation of government ministers. They have neither the time nor the inclination to determine policy or safeguard the interests of the UK and its people, except in a broad view, vaguely ideological way. Their time is spent in personal aggrandisement and presentation to demonstrate their importance and standing in the pecking order.

The Osborne/Cameron thing has been in my thoughts during my recent postprandial hazes (Christmas indulgence and all that). I have come to think that our Blairite connection is even stronger than previously thought. We know that the original Blairite Labour theory was that Gordon Brown was the policy genius but unelectable and Blair was the featherweight with celebrity appeal frontman. I know it seems ludicrous now, but that is the way it was seen then, before sycophancy led Blair's ego to heights never before seen and he got confused over whether he was God or just the Son. With Osborne/Cameron I think we have the same thing, Osborne the behind the scenes 'genius' and an electable featherweight frontman, except Osborne actually does pull Cameron's strings. I keep saying we all should have taken notice when Cameron declared himself the Heir to Blair, the match is even closer than we thought.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC: Sorry, but I miss nothing. I am well aware the RW is no more than acting as an NGO - guiding government. See my response to you on being led up the garden path.

They are all in it together and the sooner we ensure they are all removed together, the better!

I often wonder which God RW worships - the one in heaven or himself....

PeterCharles said...

My apologies, I was obviously unclear in my comments, or you were less than your usual perceptive self ;-))

I was making the point that RW is of the 'flexible' CoE clerical type; Druids aren't all bad, just misunderstood, not sure that God actually exists, but the concept is good, "don't like that bit of doctrine? never mind, try this one."

The point about politicians is that fewer and fewer choose politics because they think 'they can make a difference' or because they are truly passionate about something or the other, rather they choose politics because they like being important and want the world to see how successful they are. And let's face it, few would be 'successful' in real life. This is why it is all about presentation and spin, policy doesn't matter, if it gets inconvenient try another. There is much of the old canard against teachers in it, those who can, do, those who can't, teach and much truth lies in that in both areas.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

PC: Aah! Got you, no doubt previously my brain was befuddled by the Devil Drink!