Thursday, 29 December 2011

Wheels within wheels

Fausty today posts the question whether it has been noticed how militarised the United Kingdom is becoming. She also asks the obvious question whether Theresa May is acclimatising us to being 'policed' by the military; does she and the other politicians temporarily in charge of our democracy realise what they're doing and if so, why are they doing it? If not, why are the cretins still in charge?

That the future of our nation is no longer in the hands of our politicians is best explained by referring to two related posts by Ian Parker-Joseph; this, first published in 2009, from which:
"The EU idea of European Defence is more akin to that of the old Soviet Union’s, that of ‘taking care’ of internal dissenters, keeping the people harnessed, civilian interrogation methods, militarisation of the police, smudging the lines between civilian and military and the use of the military in internal scenarios."
and this published in 2010, from which:
"Lets go back in time a bit. Back to the days when Tony Blair ruled supreme in the UK, and not long after the horrendous events of 9/11. The UK, like most other western nations started to implement a flood of anti-terror legislation. But who wrote it? (it is all virtually identical in just about every country), and who checked to see if it was being implemented properly."
Do read both posts as they are, with anything that IPJ publishes, informative and they lay bare information that never gets to appear in our supine MSM.

Theresa May, who like her colleagues is but one of Les Marionettes de Bruxelles, knows damn well what she does and why she does it. As to why, as one of the cretins, she is where she is can only be explained by the fact that the public have not the faintest idea what is happening behind their backs - political 'transparency' only goes so far, after all.


IanPJ said...

Cor, two links... I feel honoured today..

Your post however is right, there is much we do not know, that we should be entitled to know, but they know they cannot afford to tell us, because once they know we know, the games up.

Anonymous said...

Agree about IPJ's posts, Mr W. Will give the two articles a good read.

Denis Cooper is normally good at ferreting out EU documentation. I shall try and catch his eye. Pity he doesn't have a website!

What bugs me most about all this is: a) the martial law aspect; b) that most people think nothing of it. Comments to my posting in the DT are quite instructive, if depressing.

Anonymous said...

I am just wondering whether there is a place in the world where the relatively few dissenters can move to.

As is frequently pointed out, outside of the right-thinking/libertarian blogosphere, there do not seem to many people that can be a*sed to lift their gaze from 'stenders for long enough to see what is under their collective nose.

It would seem that one has a couple of options, stand and fight (alone), or f*ck off to somewhere more accommodating, there are only so many hours in a life.

I keep thinking about places like Costa Rica, or Guyana… Both a bit flea ridden and hot, but also rather less oppressive politically.

Shawshank Redemption anyone?

TomTom said...

It may be increasingly "militarised" but not very effectively and less than in 1980 when Thatcher gave Police and Army big pay rises.....I hardly think a 1% Pay Cap on Soldiers and 5.2% on Benefit Claimants is a policy based on rationality.

They are going through the motions but are so inept it is doomed to failure. These people are Neo-Bourbons