Monday, 5 March 2012

You WHAT??????

In the exchange twixt Cameron and Miliband in the HoC today, on the subject of the recent European Council meeting, Cameron said this in relation to Syria:

"First, let me thank the right hon. Gentleman for what he said about Syria and answer his questions specifically. On the special envoy, we are helping Kofi Annan. Indeed, we are funding part of his mission." (my emphasis)

Cameron acknowledges our country is broke; Cameron continues to fund other countries, through 'overseas aid', at the expense of those 'at home' who suffer 'cuts' as a result; Cameron preaches 'austerity' as a requirement to 'balance the books' - and he then inflicts yet more pain on his own people by spending yet more money, that he hasn't got, to assist a UN 'official' to jet to the Middle East?

And his 'mandate' for this was agreed by those he is meant to serve? This decision was where in his election manifesto as Leader of the Conservative Party - or was where in the Coalition's Programme for Government? And we do not live in a democratised dictatorship wherein politicians can spend money that is not theirs?

The sooner our politicians are brought under the direct control of those they are meant to serve - and on whose money they rely - the better. In other words, the sooner the people of this country understand exactly what direct democracy and 'Referism' means, the sooner the largesse of the politcal class will be curbed and the sooner the people will regain control of their country!


TomTom said...

Cameron is simply a front man for his puppet-masters who aim to make as much money as possible from contracts....this will be the very last time a "Conservative" will be Prime Minister - Cameron is The Undertaker

WitteringsfromWitney said...

True, TT but methinks your forget the public have a very short memory?