Saturday, 31 March 2012

The blind leading the blind

Charles Moore, in his usual Saturday op-ed piece in the Daily Telegraph heads his article: "Even I’m starting to wonder: what do this lot know about anything?". That a journalist is now starting to pose a question that many of us have been asking for yonks can but illustrate how out of touch journalism per-se has become. That the public believe that which they read - and are therefore guided in their opinion forming - also illustrates that for some time now the heading to this post has been only too evident. That Moore can, presumably straight-faced, write that anyone who thinks Cameron should not be Prime Minister is therefore a bigot, beggars belief. Where to begin? I shall not however, great though the temptation is, digress.

To any thinking man or woman it is becoming obvious that our system of democracy must be changed as that under which we presently live, namely representative democracy, is no better than democratised dictatorship or elective dictatorship - and can be likened to feudalism. The problem arises when one considers how change can be effected, because it sure ain't going to be effected through the ballot box - not today, or in the immediate future. One may initially question my use of the word 'feudalism', however bear in mind that our country has always, generally, been governed by what one may call the well-educated who have led the less well-educated. By control of the education system the political elite ensure the population per se are 'contained' whilst their control ensures a separate system of better education from which they can emerge. That is how the political elite ensure we remain feudal vassals.

When considering how change may be effected and knowing that it cannot be accomplished through the ballot box, most begin looking at some form of revolution, one involving a mass uprising - and yes, I am as guilty as the next man in that respect. But, with hindsight, consider: is the common man any better off now than he was prior to 1642? Are we not still governed by an elite over whom we have no control? And do not tell me that having a choice of dictator every five years is a form of control - please?

Almost two centuries later a further, initially peaceful, attempt to change our society began with the Chartist movement. This, we learn from Wikipedia, resulted in the political elite of the time viewing the movement as dangerous, refusing to negotiate with it or deal with its demands and eventually crushing it. We also learn that their ideals, as with most well-intentioned ideals, flourished in hard times but faded in prosperous times.

If it is accepted that change through the ballot box is presently impossible - impossible due to the stranglehold that the three main parties are able to exert on the electoral system coupled with their control of the media - then perhaps it is possible to adapt that of the Chartists with a view to effecting the change that is required. To those who will understandably counter that if the Chartists failed in their attempts to create a movement for change then how do I believe it possible to succeed where they failed, I can but point to the power of the internet -  also hopefully, with the participation and leadership of this blogger, those of us involved can ensure the idea does not fade, but gains traction. It is intended to return to this subject over the course of the next two or three days, so bear with me in the meantime.

One final thought and that is there may be some among my readers who will point out that I instigated a website, talkconsitution, with a view to creating change to our democratic system - so how long will this latest idea last. That is indeed true, but in my defense I have to plead that personal events in my life forced me to neglect that idea, however rest assured that that neglect will also be addressed within the next seven days. The effect on my personal life, vis-a-viz talkconstitution, has been mirrored by that of Ian Parker-Joseph, with the site he started - Judas Class. IPJ still has 'interests' that do not allow him, at this time, to further his project, however - and still to be discussed with him - I would hope to 'relaunch' his idea also.


TomTom said...

my defense

Oh to be an American.....

The Boiling Frog said...

"Was Chartism a failure or a success?" was an A-Level history exam question for me. I think I concluded at the time it was a success in the sense 5 out 6 aims were eventually achieved though not necessarily directly.

Must see if I can dig it out, though given I wrote it 20 years ago I'll probably re-read it and think what a load of tosh.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: Sorry now lost........

TBF: The first five aims may have been achieved, however they have all been circumvented or twisted for political purposes and gain.

Be interesting to see your 20 year-old views, if you can find them.

TomTom said...

WfW defenCe