Tuesday, 13 March 2012

David Cameron - Liar

I post the last Conservative Party Political Broadcast, that of 7th March 2012:

Prior to playing that video let us rewind a few years. At the time of the Conservative Party Leadership election, David Cameron debated with David Davis at the Exeter hustings and witnesses report that Cameron stated that if elected as leader, he promised to take the Conservative MEPs out of the clutches of Hans-Gert Poettering and his EPP/ED group in the European Parliament, not within days, not within months but within weeks. A promise broken. He also promised a "cast iron" commitment to give the country a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. A promise broken. He assured all members of the Countryside Alliance that, if they campaigned for the Conservative Party at the General Election, he would repeal the Hunting Act. A promise broken.

Now play the video. He promised to give electors the right to sack MPs who do wrong and claims he has - he hasn't. A broken promise. He states it is important that politicians are judged on whether they keep their promises - he hasn't. A broken promise. He states that he believes people want to see a government on their side - we don't want to see a government on our side, we want to see a government that does that which people want! He states he wants to care for those in need, yet cuts funding to those in need at the expense of 7% of GDP being used to fund foreigners in need. A broken promise. He states he wants to stop people 'taking out when they have no intention of putting back in' - a broken promise. Abu Qatada?

Some may say that it is unfair accusing David Cameron of breaking promises and that is, to a certain extent, true as all politicians break promises they make - one has only to look at the record of the last government. But Cameron is the 'politician du jour', he is the Prime Minister, he is the one talking about keeping promises - but he lies or, in parliamentary terms, he is being economical with the actualité. But then, aren't all politicians?

That our politicians (in general) are classified as members of a 'coven', one comprised of liars and cheats, it can be safely assumed therefore that their wives and husbands are in agreement with the remark of Jane Clark (husband of Alan Clark) who remarked: "what do you expect when you sleep with below stairs types?"


Mike Cunningham said...

What we need here in Britain is a short course in the causes and outcomes of the French Revolution, but aimed at the politicians, so-called civil servants, along with anybody who has allegiance to the 'Colleagues' in Brussels.

We don't need the singing, our Royals, save Andrew and his free-loading daughters, are not a bad bunch, so we can happily concentrate on any who are 'anybody' in Local or National Government on the grounds that they think that they know better than we do about basic things such as how we are governed, and by whom!

Anyone know where the construction plans for the Guillotine are stored in Paris?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

MC: Guillotine not needed. It will be piano wire and lamp posts - I want to see them dance to my tune for a change!