Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Interesting - very!

From Guido Fawkes:

Welcome to Blog-Land

Rumbles in the blogging world today as the upstarts over at The Commentator have managed to sign James Delingpole to write for them as well as the Telegraph Blogs. Given that HM’s Official Blogroll are already suffering from the loss of Toby Young to the Sun on Sunday, Guido does not imagine this has gone down very well over in Victoria. With Delingpole consistently topping the weekly Telegraph online rankings, thiscould be a big break through for the newbie site. Rumour has it we will be hearing a lot more from Delingpole in the coming years, from an official podium… 

Two immediate questions:

1. How long will his position on the Telegraph remain intact;

2. And from what 'official podium'.

Just asking.............

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