Thursday, 22 March 2012

Just what is the point of politicians?

Prompted by a couple of comments left on my blog apropos the Budget, some further observations of the problems we have in this country where our politicians are concerned.

First, I once again have to link to Richard North, EU Referendum, in which he confirms that we do, most certainly, live under a system of democratised/elective dictatorship. Where Osborne is concerned we are dictated to by a man no-one, other than a minority of those living in his constituency, elected while those constituents and us have no means of constraining him.

We are continually informed by politicians that they spend inordinate amounts of effort and time in divising policies to create jobs - yet it is a known fact that government cannot create jobs, it is private enterprise that creates jobs. Because government has no money of its own, only that which is extracted from the people by force, it cannot have any sense of economy nor sense of responsibility; and as a result it wastes huge amounts in everything it attempts to do.

To quote one commenter:
"Has education improved for all the billions spent on 'improving' it? Not that I can see. Has filling the NHS with managers instead of nurses in order to monitor compliance with government directives been worth the billions spent on it? Not that I can see. Was the £9 billion, if I recall correctly, spent on Nimrod AWAC that never flew worth it, or even the millions spent on the Blue Streak missile in the 1950s? Not that I , can see."
To which can be added matters like membership of the European Union, law and order, job creation schemes, British Leyland, RBS, Northern Rock - to name but a few. Think back, remember all that has happened as the result of political decisions and you will soon realise that, actually, they simply know not that which they do, they flail around with a view to be seen to be doing something - they get away with it because they never pay the ultimate price for their failures.

In an article in the print edition of the Daily Telegraph by Christopher Hope (doesn't seem to be online) about local authorities that are raising council tax despite pleas not to from central government, he reports that sources close to Eric Pickles describe the 37 councils so doing as 'democracy dodgers' because none of the increases have been put to a vote. One has to question therefore the difference twixt these local authorities taxing and George Osborne taxing - where has one decision that Osborne has taken in the Budget been voted on by us?

If we are talking about 'democracy dodgers', does anyone recall Bridget theMidget John the Speaker getting on his high horse and insisting that announcements should be made in the House of Commons and not to the media? As has been noted by many, so many details of this budget had been leaked beforehand, one has to question whether there was any need for Osborne to actually make a speech. On the subject of leaks, as mentioned by Michael Deacon in his sketch piece for today's Daily Telegraph, Blair must be really p'd off with all this leaking - in his day chancellors did not even leak budget details to their prime minister.

Why we continue to accept lies from politicians I know not - the latest example being this article in today's Daily Telegraph. Why should we listen to yet another politician who has, by his own admission, been found guilty of malfeasance and failing to tell the truth. Why should we believe him when he writes that with the decisions Osborne has taken there can be no doubt that we are now committed to less regulation, a smaller state and greater simplicity - when it is so obvious the exact opposite is the case. Governments for the past decades have had only one desire and that is to control us - to borrow a phrase from another commenter of mine - from womb to tomb.

Are not our politicians 'democracy dodgers' by participating in an elective dictatorship, thus denying those they are meant to serve, a voice? Perhaps the time has come for us to repeat for them the image of Julia Gillard, with terror written all over her face, being hustled to safety?


dognamedblue said...

in a court of law [which is another blog all to itself :o], if someone is caught lying, the court instructs you to ignore everything they say

been reading gaddasi's green book, could do with a few tweaks, said the white man, but he knew well about our electoral systems, or "false democracies" [dictatorships] as he called them - [as the truth takes a few months to be revealed, looks like we are complicit in the death of quite possibly a halfway decent man, compared to our lot]

TomTom said...

EU House Energy

The EU is working on a new Regulation to force Homeowners to cut Energy Consumption by 80% in all houses built before 2011.

That should destroy the European economy rapidly, and with Britain having the oldest housing stock in Europe it should be fun

TomTom said...

Nach dem Entwurf der EU-Richtlinie müssten Immobilien, die bis Ende 2010 nach der EnEV 2009 errichtet wurden, nun so aufwendig saniert werden, dass der Verbrauch auf nur noch 1,4 Liter Heizöl pro Quadratmeter und Jahr sinkt.

According to the Regulation property built in accordance with EnEV 2009 before end-2010 must be renovated such that they consume no more than 1.4 litres/heating oil per Square Metre

If it passes the Parliament it will be law by 2013 and no doubt announced as another Coalition innovation

Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more. I left a comment on John Redwood's blog to the effect that they are too expensive and, like Belgium, we don't need them, especially if all they can do is .....ban circus animals. It seems even in that pathetic rule they are overruled by Brussels so WHAT DO THEY DO ....EXACTLY?

Anonymous said...

I think nowadays they are merely intermediaries between the populous and the ones who actually pull the strings.
They pretend to listen to one group ,then do the bidding of......
Why the best bidder of course.