Monday, 12 March 2012

At cross purposes?

Today the Prime Minister and Communities Secretary Eric Pickles have both backed the right of Christians to wear crosses at work and in fact the Prime Minister's official spokesman also said today: "The Prime Minister’s personal view is that people should be able to wear crosses."

The Mail reports on Lynne Featherstone's instruction to Government lawyers to call on European human rights judges to dismiss the claims of Christian workers who have been banned from displaying the symbol of their faith at work.

My first reaction on reading those two news items was: Jesus! Accepting that there are, no doubt, among the readership of this blog those who may take offence at blasphemy, I will content myself to observing: Don't you just love to see joined-up government in action?

Afterthought: Or is the Communities Secretary and the Equalities Minister entering the spice business with a new line: Piccalillynne?


TomTom said...

Lynne Featherstone is a divorced Jewish millionairess from North London with a degree in media from Oxford Polytechnic......

The simple fact is that had Britain not jumped in to save a Polish dictatorship in 1939 it might have been able to preserve more of its heritage and culture from the spores that settled from Britain preserving the Soviet regime for another 50 years.

andy5759 said...

The first time I heard the phrase "joined up government" was Blair at about the time they got elected in '97. At the time I thought that they can't even do joined up writing, so how can they do joined up government. Events proved us sceptics right. Now we have the CINO in government, they have learned a thing or two. They have learned that most people only hear what they want to hear. The result being that some in the party are permitted to say one thing, others the opposite. Result: everyone happy.

We British government spokesman supporting what is effectively a ban on wearing a Christian symbol at work. This begs the question as to whether we are now seeing the emergence into the light of day of Satan and his Earthly cohorts? I am not a practising Christian or a nutter, things just appear to be going too far too fast for my liking.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: And having seen the picture the Mail used, I can understand why!

a5759: Sorry but they already knew the lesson that people only hear that which they wish to hear - and the continue the practise of playing on that!