Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Germany's failing environmental projects (2)

Following my post yesterday on the above it has come to my notice that 4 days earlier Autonomous Mind wrote about the Der Spiegel article - a post that for some reason escaped my attention.

For those readers interested in the subject AM's post is a must read for its detail and context.


TomTom said...

The Recycling Sector in Germany has the highest returns on capital outside the Mafia - that's a lot of bribes available.

The Green Movement emerged from National Socialism which was itself part of the Romantic Movement - some of the later Greens even migrated back to Neo-Nazi groupings - though others prefer the Hard Left orientation.

In any event it is not a Free Will orientation, definitely has its autocratic and totalitarian fanaticism.

Quite why people think National Socialism was a unique eruption of the underlying mental condition is to confuse Form with Substance - it simply appears in new guises

PeterCharles said...

I see from that too many German Green developments are no longer being pursued for reasons of excessive unquantified risks, even taking the huige subsidies into account. Naturally the response of the government is now to socialise the risks, piling the risk on the consumer. At least, unlike the UK, they mitigate the costs for large industry so the ordinary man won't lose their job as well as being in fuel poverty.

Surely it is time simply to eradicate the entire global political class and start again.

TomTom said...

Actually Germany has a huge problem with Merkel pulling out of nuclear - E.ON is preparing to sue, and Germany is running tight on energy needing to import from Austria to avoid brownouts. The price of energy is going up dramatically just as petrol reaches record highs in Euros.

The Slump in Germany is programmed for the election - but the bellwether state of NRW has an election now and its 17 million inhabitants are not happy