Friday, 16 March 2012

The Falklands can have self-determination, but we in the UK can't!

Readers may not be aware but yesterday, during David Cameron's jolly in the US he took time out to do a Q&A session with students and professors at the New York University. This session was transmitted live and Number 10 have been extremely helpful by posting a video of this event.

A question was raised by an American lady who is married to an Argentinian and she asked whether she should prepare for another split in her family over the Falklands issue. (Question starts at 45:40). David Cameron's response included the following:
"......people living somewhere should have the right to determine what country they are part of, who governs them......."
If Cameron believes that the people of the Falklands should have the right of self-determination - which is how he summed up the Falklands question - then should not the people of the United Kingdom have that same right of self-determination to decide what country they are part of and who governs them?

The man who masquerades as our Prime Minister and goes by the name of David Cameron a bloody hypocrite! 


Woodsy42 said...

""......people living somewhere should have the right to determine what country they are part of, who governs them.......""

Did you read about the village of Audlem in south Cheshire. They voted to become part of Wales where hopital parking and prescriptions were free. They were not allowed!

Stuart said...

The American Senator Jim Sessenbrenner has written an article in the Telegraph today about the same thing, so I thought I would put finger to keyboard once again. My comment goes thus:

Well now Mr Sensenbrenner, you are obviously unaware of something called the European Union. The EU is a supranational governmental organisation that produces more law for the nations of Europe than their own governments do. It has an unelected, unaccountable executive and a so-called President with the same credentials. What's more, in the EU's founding treaty are the immortal words "ever closer union" which basically means that we will unite until we are no more as individual nations and become one.

As I say, you are obviously unaware of this state of affairs because if that is not the case, then you are also dictating when self-determination should apply and are hence a massive hypocrit.

TomTom said...

For a man who has no international experience he is a 70 year old fool. Anyway, I still believe there are States in the USA that should opt out of the Union and establish Galt Gulch - he in Wisconsin no doubt opposes that.

As I recall British foreign policy consisted of keeping Texas independent prior to 1846 so as to prevent the US from expanding coast to coast - and Britain was an ally of Texas

DeeDee99 said...

Cameron believes everyone should have the right to self-determination, except the British.

Even the Scots are permitted a Referendum to determine if they want to remain in the United Kingdom, but the people of the United Kingdom are not permitted a Referendum on whether they remain under the governance of the EU.

He's a Class One Hypocrite who will never get my vote.

I support UKIP because - for all their faults - they are the ONLY remotely credible party that will be able to do anything about this if they can just get enough support to be the 'kingmaker' or even a credible threat to the Tories' chanches of ever governing again.

graham wood said...

DD99 and others - fully agree.
Cameron is like Blair a very clever politician - but arrogant and too clever by half.
A looming political issue is that of same sex marriage, and IMO he has overstepped the mark of political risk on this one.
Apart from the principle of SSM which I strongly oppose, on this he has managed to alienate not only vast numbers of Christians, Catholics, Anglicans and Moslems, in one go, but also the many who, not necessarily pro or con, deeply resent the undemocratic means by which he is imposing SSM (i.e. it is not IF we should have SSM, only a qustion of HOW we should implement it).
The cesspool of moral relativism is being stirred by such vacuous beings as Lynne Featherstone and Teresa May- both sycophants - for which he (Cameron will pay a heavy political price) - even if he manages to get SSM legislation through Parliament.
Signatures opposing SSM on the
Coalition for Marriage petition are moving fast towards the quarter million mark.
Hmmmm - this does not exactly promise a happy prospect for Tory MPs, especially in marginals!
Stupid boy!

TomTom said...

Cameron believes

You are so must be a Conservative....noone else would accuse Cameron as having any beliefs or principles.....then again just read the updated Wikipedia article on his antecedents....much more revealing than BEFORE the election

WitteringsfromWitney said...

W42: Nice try on their part.......

Stuart: Read it and your comment - well said.

TT: Agreed re a 70 year old fool.....

DD99: Pleased you agree.........

gw: You could well be right.