Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings..........

Daniel Hannan, on his Daily Telegraph blog, writes about a move by MEPs to take away what is presently allowable funding from the BNP.

In respect of the BNP, Hannan writes:
"We are, without question, talking about nasty parties, extreme even within the foetid world of neo-fascism....Most of parties in question subscribe to an ideology called ‘Third Positionism’, whose roots lie in Strasserism and National Bolshevism, and whose adherents describe themselves as ‘beyond Left and Right’. They want authoritarian governments, high tariff walls, regulated economies, confiscatory taxation and the repatriation of immigrants."
"Authoritarian governments"; "regulated economies"; "confiscatory taxation" - hell, Daniel, thought you were writing about the Conservative Party for a minute......

Later, Hannan writes:
"Not that greed is the main motive here; narcissism is. No one really imagines that €289,266 will pay for a pan-European Nazi revival, but plenty of MEPs see the opportunity to preen and look important and, in effect, say: ‘Look how nice I am: I hate those evil fascists even more thanyou do!’ They are all for diversity, provided it doesn't extend to diversity of opinion."
And Conservative eurosceptics don't preen and tell us they hate the evil EU even more than we do? That they hate the EU provided it does not involve cessation of EU membership?

Tsk, tsk: it is indeed fortunate for Carswell and Hannan that their disciples among the public suffer from blinkered vision, that their disciples seem unable to see two politicians who's stated beliefs are at virtually total variance with the party under who's flag they sail, yet retain the cover of that flag purely to enable their careers to continue.


TomTom said...

The BNP is a joke set up by MI5 providing Britain with the most amateurish of right-wing parties, a standing joke to occupy the space a competent, articulate nationalist party would hold.

It is so awfully incompetent that alone is proof it was set up by Government puppet-masters

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: Most amateurish of left-wing parties, surely?

TomTom said...

WfW that is your take, however their marketing is designed to capture voters from Left and Right by appealing to basic themes.

You might say the Conservative Party is the most amateurish of left-wing parties and UKIP the most amateurish of right-wing parties - it is semantics rather than facts

Anonymous said...

Some well made points WfW…

What you make abundantly clear though is just what it is that marks out the politician in our midst. Without doubt the most defining characteristic, is their command of semantics. They take a few key words/phrases and lump them all together and label it bad.

As far as I am concerned, fascist, communist and socialist are economic philosophies (and sh*t ones), fascism being the most prominent, almost all nations (and supranations) employing this particular philosphy.

Right-wing and left-wing are political philosophies. On the face of it, the first looks to be uncaring and the second, the mark of principal.

However, the second also requires great armies of laws, bureaucrats, politicians, police and armed forces to operate, complete with all of the intolerances that are the trait of all humans, and not forgetting the defining characteristic of varying degrees of authoritarianism.

There is a very good "South Park" episode which illustrates this philosphy most graphically:

You are of course right WfW, the BNP is left wing, where it differs from other left wing parties (CONservatives for instance), is its weird preoccupation with mathematics (how many jews, blacks, moslems are breeding and when they are going to take over etc.. etc….).

The thing is though, that this game works, outside of the blogosphere, most people think that the CONservatives are right-wing along with the BNP/UKIP (one party as far as many people think). I actualy can't think of a genuine right-wing party, although UKIP are the nearest thing we have.

As Richard North suggests, the political party is really not the best arena to campaign from, a movement is better. I don't entirely agree, I think that both should work together. I am sure that you know the history of UKIP, that it emerged from the Anti Federalist League, a movement, a bit like Labour emerged from the Fabian movement, the problem for UKIP, is that the movement was wound up when UKIP was founded.

Anyway, I blether… As is my wont.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

TT: Fair comment........

r_w: Ditto re comment. Accept both comments about semantics, however when politicians are there to just manage the wishes of the people rather than ruling the people, there will be no need for semantics - will there?