Friday, 2 March 2012


Apropos my last post and from Fraser Nelson's article on the Coffee House, one section leaped out, one which I believe is important where the question of democracy is concerned.
"His relationship with Cameron is quite unique: they are best friends, they formed their political opinions together and will always stay in touch. As Michael Gove once told me‘it's hard to know where Steve ends and David begins."
If the comment by Gove is correct, then one has to ask who had we as Prime Minister - Cameron or Hilton? Who preceded Cameron/Hilton - was that Gordon Brown or Damian McBride? Who was Prime Minister before Brown; Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell or Jonathon Powell?

Neither Hilton, McBride, Campbell nor Powell were elected by the people, neither did the people have any voice in their appointment - yet the people are expected, one way or another, to provide their salaries. That is democracy? No, that is one aspect of the democratised dictatorship under which we presently live.

Now, were we to have direct democracy and 'referism'.....................

Just saying.................

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